Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just Grin and Keep Walking

Food is good. Toilet paper is also good. Shampoo, paper towels, laundry detergent, hummus (if you don't like hummus there is something wrong with you. My husband doesn't like hummus. He is a strange man, but i digress)-these are all good things. The fact that there exists in this world, a place where you can buy all these things at once is a little slice of Heaven. Actually grocery shopping, however, is akin to a stroll through the seventh circle of hell. I don't say that lightly. It's just the truth. Let me explain...
It's not the five crazy children hanging off the sides of my basket...I brought those. It's not the isles that are way too small, the broken seat belts in the little grocery-cart-car, or the strategically placed candy bars at check out. All those things, I can deal with.
What makes shopping miserable, at least for me, is the people. Now don't hate me just yet. I actually really like people. A lot. I'm a people person. But for goodness sake, sometimes I just want to take a riding crop and walop them on the forehead.
You might actually be one of these people...it's okay, I still love you. You probably just don't know any better. That is why I am here. I have come to educate you. Here are a few of the things you should never say/do to a woman(or man-I am nothing if not supportive of a dad's right to grocery shop)who is shopping with children. You might want to write this down.
#1- Instead of saying "wow, you have your hands full" maybe you should just donate a quarter. If everyone did this, I wouldn't have to pay for my groceries.
#2- Don't ask her questions like "are they all yours?", "do they have the same father?", etc. It's not that the questions are horribly offensive or anything, but for the love of Pete, I am shopping with FIVE CHILDREN, I don't have time for your questions.
#3- If your cart is in the way, move it or lose it. We take up a lot of space and those buggies are hard to navigate when you have two kids swaying back and forth singing "Jingle Bells" and one strapped to your chest and two more pulling on your pant leg. In addition, if you get run into, don't give a dirty look, the first time was an accident but the next time can totally be on purpose. Oh yeah, I mean that!
#4- If one (or more) of the children is screaming, please don't make comments about how "someone isn't happy". We moms have this crazy awesome mom power where we can actually hear if our children are screaming. It's pretty acute. Oh, and don't look at me like I'm burning my child. Lastly, if screaming bothers you, sorry, them's the breaks. Kids are kids and you were one once. I don't mean to be insensitive but seriously, take some advice from Pete and his dragon- "there's room for everyone in this world, if everyone makes some room."
#5- For Pete's sake (man Pete is coming up a lot in this post), PLEASE don't tell a mom who is shopping with her children that she is "brave". I am taking my kids to the grocery store, not Alcatraz Island. I am buying oranges, not diffusing a bomb. I am not "brave" for going to the store-stupid maybe-but not brave.
#6- If you can't say something nice...nevermind, if you can't say something supportive...ya know what, it would be better if you just didn't speak at all. Moms who are shopping with kids just want to get in, get their junk and get out alive and with shoes on. So just smile and do your stuff and leave them alone. I promise, they are doing the best they can.
Well, I feel better.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Diary of a Dorky Girl...

My son is really into the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. In fact, all his classmates are as well. It's an elementary school phenomenon. I read the first book, just to see what the hulabaloo was about. The thing is, it's a cute book and all, but it's sort of my autobiography. That's right, I was (still am slightly) a wimpy kid, a dweeb, a dork. I was the full package, complete with gangly stature, crooked teeth and big poofy hair...I'm talking frizz fro ya'll. My nickname in middle school was "poodle puff", and not in the cute way. (I'm not posting a picture, so don't ask.)

For most of my youth I was pretty awkward. It might have been my over-active immagination, my quirky sense of humor, maybe it was the unsocialized only child thing. Who knows. The point is, I was never really "cool". I kind of understood cool. I had cool friends. I tried to be like them. Personalities are somewhat inveitable though. My inner geek would slip out at all the worst times, no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Such is life.

But don't go feeling too sorry for me. The truth is, being a dork isn't as awful as it seems. I mean, all in all, I had a really fun childhood. The teen years weren't too bad either. Here's the best part...I actually turned out to be a somewhat normal adult. For serious. I know how to work a hair straightener now. I wear pants that go below my ankles. I turned out okay.

It's true folks. Despite my dorky origins, I graduated from high school, got accepted to college, found friends who really didn't mind my dorky-ness...I even found a husband. He's pretty cute too. He was actually one of the popular kids in school (oh the irony). Secretly, all those popular guys like dorky girls, just ask Juno.

Not only did I get married, I somehow convinced my cute, popular, athletic husband to reproduce with me, and even with the 50% dork genes...my kids turned out to be pretty freaking awesome.

So there ya go, sometimes being a dork turns out ok. Just don't ask my husband how it turns out for the popular kids...some geeky habits die hard. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Bed

I tend to think of myself as a relaxed person. I don't get too bent out of shape about too many things. One thing that I am really funny about is beds. I have this thing about people in my house having a place to sleep. You can ask my husband, when company is coming, I kind of freak out. I want to know where everyone is going to sleep. I want to make sure they have clean sheets, clean blankets, a nice pillow, easy access to a bathroom, properly functioning light fixtures, temperature control...these types of things. I get a little nuts if I think that people won't be comfortable in my house.

So of course it stands to reason that my children have always been really fond of pulling the pillows and blankets off their beds and camping out on their bedroom floors. I let them do this, mostly because I don't want my husband to think I am a lunatic. On the inside, I am having a nervous breakdown. Don't they know what beds are for? There are THINGS on the floor. It's hard on the floor. It's cold on the floor. The floor is covered in cracker crumbs...dirty underwear...floor-type-things. GROSS! I hate it. But, I try to be accomodating-and cool-and go with the flow mom (even when my skin is crawling). Also, I have a slightly irrational fear that Child Protective Services is going to show up at my house one day (with all the noise in our house, I am sure the neighbors have thought about calling) and they are going to see my kids sleeping on the floor and be like, "you rotten mom! Why are your kids on the floor?!?!" I have seriously rehearsed what I would say to them if this happened. That does not make me weird. Don't judge me.

So, knowing how I feel about beds, it's really no surprise that I would get the puppy a bed when we brought him home. Everyone needs a bed...even puppies. It's fluffy and cute and honestly, I wouldn't mind having one in my size (it's even machine washable...BONUS!). So where does Watson sleep?

Behind the toilet...of course. Where else? In a house with FIVE boys, he wants to sleep behind the toilet, who wouldn't?

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Doctor is in!

Well, as some of you already know, last week we welcomed a new member to the family: Dr. John Watson. "Watson", for short.
The good doctor is very cute. He is very small and white and fluffy and puppy-like. I have to say, I'm not really a dog person. My previous attempts at dog ownership have resulted in...well, not owning a dog. However, the doctor is manageable and I actually find that I (gulp) like him.
He's so stinking adorable, how do you not love this face?

Dr. John likes lots of things. He likes mostly chewing on shoes. We have lots of shoes, so he's kind of in Heaven. He also likes Tyler. A lot. Tyler is his boy. Sometimes Tyler wishes he wasn't Watson's boy. Sometimes the other kids wish they were Watson's kids. But they aren't.

Dr. John gets into a lot of mischief. He chews on my Christmas tree. He piddles on my floor. He does some other things on the floor sometimes too. But, of course, when you are as cute as this, you can pretty much get away with anything.

Friday, November 11, 2011


When Suzy came down for school this morning I got a little choked up. If you read my previous blog post you understand why!

Is that purple pants with a green top and a MAGENTA sweater?!? This might sound a bit silly to some, but little things like this strengthen my testimony of a loving Heavenly Father. It has been a rough week in the Ramsey house and seeing my daughter decked out in a way that would have done her grandmother proud, to me, was a tender mercy from the Lord.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's That Time

That time of the year that I love so much...the holidays! I love them. I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving and I especially loooooove Christmas! Food, lights, candy, feasting, music, decorations, feasting, feasting (did I say "feasting" more than once? I did...don't judge. I have a very special relationship with food. You should too, it's very nice.) and general merry-making of all sorts.

It's also the time of year that I really start to miss my mom. Don't get me wrong, I miss her year round...but I miss her double around the holidays. She loved the holidays like I do.

Sometimes one of the hardest things about not seeing her is that I kind of forget all the little quirky things that I loved so much. There were lots...she was a super quirky woman...that's where I get it.

A few of my favorite quirks (I so wish I was clever...I could set it to the tune of "My Favorite Things" and it would dove tail perfectly with the Christmas season...ah well):

1. My sweet teeth come from her. Most people have only one sweet tooth...those of us who are super special in the handling sugar department, have many. My mom could take down a box of Little Debbies or a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milanos in one sitting. The two of us together were lethal.

2. She had this pair of purple sweat pants...I mean REALLY purple ya'll. And she liked to pair them with a bright green sweatshirt, her blue cloth clogs, some random socks and her down vest which was...wait for it...MAGENTA! That's right folks, magenta! I have never seen a woman wear so many uncoordinated colors. The thing is, she was so content with who she was that it totally didn't matter. She liked what she liked and that was that. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

3. We used to drive to school/work in the mornings and home in the evenings. It was about 45 minutes each way. It was my favorite time of the day. We'd fight over what radio station...she always won, until we switched over to listening to tapes full time. Christmas was nice, we NEVER fought over music selection, plus I got a break from NPR.

4. I frequently caught her cussing to food while she was trying to prepare it. Pie crusts in particular. I actually don't have a hard time with pie crust, I think she psyched herself out. In fairness to the universe, she was good at literally everything else, so it's only right that she should have one area of which mastery eluded her.

5. She called my first boyfriend "dog breath" after he took another girl to a dance. Not just once, I mean, that is what she called him...all the time. As in, "are you going out with dog breath tonight?" or "dog breath called while you were gone." I lived in constant fear that she would say it to his face, which she thankfully never did. Thank you for that mom.

6. She called every spider that she ever saw, "Charlotte". If I was afraid of it she would scold me. "Jenny!" she would say, "Don't be silly! It's just Charlotte!" Mom, they can't possibly ALL be Charlotte. And Charlotte or not, it's a spider, it's gross, it's frightening and it should not be near me. Go figure, I married a man who will not kill spiders. He scoops them up and takes them outside. What is it with me and these spider loving freaks?

I'm going to stop now. I have this two year old who likes to get into trouble. I should really go attend to that situation. Thanks for indulging me in my long-winded post.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Character Creations

So every year, on a random Friday, our elementary school has "dress as your favorite storybook character day". I know, it's super random. Ya know what's even funnier? They won't let the kids dress up on Halloween...but on random Friday in October, it's totally acceptable. Weirdos.
Anyway, Gavin and Caeden have never expressed any interest what so ever in this day. Thus I assumed that this year would be the same...this was a mistake on my part.
My kids came to me last THURSDAY NIGHT and announced to me that they wanted to dress up after all. Mike was working late, the baby was wanting to be held, the house was a mess...sure, I can make costumes. No problem.
We did the best we could and the kids seemed pretty content. Gavin was Greg from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", Caeden was the wolf from "Peter and the Wolf" and Suzy was Cinderella from...um, "Cinderella".
They were very excited and I thought they looked pretty darn cute. I was especially proud of Caeden's wolf hat because I, Jenny Ramsey, sewed on his wolf ears. That's right, I did it. Go ahead, be impressed, it's okay.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

These are the Moments...

Gavin: Caeden, can we use some of our money to buy a game? We could go to Gamestop and get a used one, so it would be cheaper.
Caeden: Gavin, we had a deal. When we get to $100 we could spend $50 and save the other $50.
Gavin: I'm just not myself without a game to play.
Caeden: Gaviiiinnnn!!
Gavin: So is that a no?
Me: Well Caeden, you guys have $62. If you spend $20 on a game you will still have $42 left.
Caeden: I think we need to separate our money. It's not working out. He's the spender, I'm the saver.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sugar and Cinnamon and Donuts, OH MY!

So today started out a little frustrating. I tried to run a few errands, which ended up taking me much longer than I had planned, and sadly were less fruitful than I had hoped. Not to mention, we have been passing around a little head cold so I just haven't been feeling too spunky.
After I got home and had lunch and got the little ones settled for naps, it started raining. Not raining like "I might need an umbrella" raining, but more raining like "I might need a paddle boat". Then it started thundering...a lot. Again, not the mild, gentle, rumbling kind of thunder, but the scary kind. All in all, I started to feel that urge that I always start to feel around this time of year, the urge to hibernate. Basically I want to crawl into a space in my house and hide...hide with food...good food...buttery, warm, soft, chewy food...like donuts.
Well, why put off to tomorrow what you can eat today? I broke out the donut maker and cooked up these little beauties.

Mini pumpkin donuts...genius! These guys are so sweet and soft and they are baked instead of deep fried, which makes them a little healthier, unless of course you dip them in butter and then roll them around in sugar and cinnamon like I did. But it's so worth it and we are hibernating after all. You can find the recipe here:


Enjoy! I certainly did. Oh...and good luck not eating the entire plate in one sitting.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dare to Dream Part 2

I promised you pictures and I deliver...ENJOY!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dare to Dream

Last night Suzy and I got to go on our second annual trip to see the Disney Princesses on Ice "Dare to Dream". I can't even tell you how much we have been looking forward to it. I bought tickets months ago (firstly so that I could get us good seats and secondly so that I could use the tickets as bribery to get Suzy to behave. If you don't bribe your kids you should really try it sometime.)and we have been anxiously awaiting this day ever since.

This year was even more special because we got to go with some friends of ours. I remember being little and being able to go to see shows with my mom and best friends. There is something about being with a girlfriend that just amplifies the excitement of an event...by like a thousand. We had two very happy little girls...two very happy mamas too!

So, a few highlights from the show. First, I think it is a gross mis-justice the way that these skaters are represented. It is always depicted that the performers in these shows are the ones who are past their prime for professional skating. Kind of like, this show is for skaters who didn't make it in the big league, type of thing. This is utterly ridiculous. There were hundreds of people in that stadium last night and I didn't see a single one without a smile on their face...not too shabby a career if you ask me. Basically, I think they have the coolest job ever.

Next, one of the coolest things about last night had to be our seats. We went all out and got front row seats...as in, I could literally reach my foot out and touch the ice. I am not even kidding. We were also in the corner, so when the skaters did their little dances on the platform they were right in front of us...AND...Prince Naveen (of Maldonia) winked at me. I know what you're thinking..."he could have been winking at anyone"...but just trust me, he looked right at me and he winked. That's the story. Evidently this old girl has still got it, eh? I even texted Brother Ramsey to tell him about it. I may have also asked him if he would wear frog tights for me...he said "no". Oh well.

So here is my advice about Disney on Ice, if you haven't gone, you really, really, REALLY need to. Is it worth the money? TOTALLY! Is it worth the extra money to sit up close? EVERY PENNY! Put aside $10 every month and get the good tickets, I promise you won't regret it. Don't expect Naveen to wink at you though...he might still be pining over me. It hurts me to break his heart but come on, I'm a happily married woman.

A few things you might want to take with you? A snack, because you will get hungry and unless you want to spend $30 on concessions, you will stay that way. I watched one guy walk up to the cotton candy vendor and ask if he could get a different bag because the one he bought (for $12) was mostly air and had very little cotton candy. The vendor refused and told the man that "they are all like that", which was true. Oh yeah, be prepared for those vendors too...there are about seventy five of them within a ten square foot space and they swarm over you with their glowing swing sticks and princess crowns and good-smelling popcorn because they know that you want your sweet princess to have all those nice princessy things. Twits. Aside from food, you might also want to take a sweater, it is ice after all.

Oh, and when you leave, don't put your trash on the floor. That's rude. Throw it in a trash can so that I don't step in it. Gross.

Seriously though, it was so much fun and we fully intend to go again next year. It is a tradition worth keeping. I didn't have my camera but my friend is going to send some pictures. Once I get them I will post them. Note: Fussing at me will not get you your pictures any faster.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night Gavin came downstairs and was unhappy because he couldn't find his stuffed "Boog Bear". I didn't take him too seriously because he isn't devoted to Boog in the sense that he has to have him every night. He will go for weeks or months without mentioning Boog, then have a spell where he sleeps with him. It's not a serious relationship...or so I thought.
This morning I came down and found this poster:

Well, to the victor go the spoils, and I was getting that hug! Mike actually took a quick break from work to come home and look for it. He wanted that hug too...but I was not going to back down on this one. Gavin hugs are pretty amazing after all. We seriously tore the house apart trying to find that thing. Just when I was thinking we would NEVER find him...I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!! Go Jenny...go Jenny...WOOT!WOOT!!

Okay, seriously, I don't like to brag...but I totally FOUND IT! Because I was the winner and that is what winners do...they find things first. There is nothing wrong with being a loser, which I wouldn't know because I didn't lose. I won! Sorry, forgive me my indulgence. If you had been married to Mike Ramsey for ten years you would understand how nice/rare/miraculous it is to actually beat him in something...anything! And that hug was mine for the taking!!

It was a fantastic hug and boy and bear were reunited at last. What a lovely day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And...Back to Public

Yes, I am moving my blog back to public. Why you ask? Well, because once upon a time I got comments on my posts. Lots of comments. Some were witty, some were nostalgic, some were loving, some were creepy (which is why I went private in the first place, but hey, at least they were comments). But ever since I made the move to private, the comments have become few and far between. And a blog without comments is a sad blog indeed. It's like a boat on dry land, a movie without popcorn, a dry turkey, a dead plant...you get the point. Ergo, I am making the move back to public. Now my friends and family have no excuse not to read and comment (insert menacing tone).

To lure you back into reading my blog I decided to break my personal code and post pictures (don't get used to it). One of the fun things about my older kids being in school is that I feel like I can actually leave the house again. So today I called up a few girlfriends and asked if they wanted to meet for lunch at Sweet Frog, this divinely amazing frozen yogurt shop. My friend suggested we go at 12:30, so that it was after lunch. Evidently some people don't think that frozen yogurt is a proper lunch...I know, weird huh?

So we met up at Sweet Frog and let me just say, an afternoon of good company and frozen yogurt might be the cure to most of the world's problems. Perhaps the next political sit-down needs to take place at Sweet Frog.

As promised...here are the pictures. Check out all these cute kids!! And now that my blog is public again AND I posted pictures, you are all going to come and comment right? Right?!?!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tyler McKay

I guess I missed the official announcement. So...better late than never as they say. And better WAY late than never as I say. So here he is...dadadadaaaaa!!! Tyler McKay Ramsey was born on July 20th at 1:57 pm (glad I wrote that down because I will forget tomorrow). He was 8lbs 4.6oz and absolutely perfect from head to toes. And will you check out that HAIR?!? I mean...seriously! That's a lot of hair! He is such a sweet boy and we are all so smitten with him. Welcome to the nut house Ty!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Many Friends Do You Have...

Who would spend HOURS, making you the most fabulously beautiful baby quilt ever? I have one! Yeah, I'm going to brag...because I have fantastic friends. My dear friend, Bronwynn, made me this beautiful baby quilt for little Ramsey #5. Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?! Thanks B! You are awesome!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

He's Two!

Happy Birthday Mr.Nathan! We love you so much!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goings On

You all know those awesome bloggers right? The ones with the adorable photos, the clever stories, the entertaining yet still thought-provoking life lessons? We all know at least one person who has an adorable blog, who journals daily (insert Bronwynn/loser sneeze)...those ones who make the rest of us look lame and boring? You know these bloggers right? Well, I am not one of them. I realize it's been forever since I last posted. I'm sure I could conjure up a good excuse if I wanted to expend that kind of energy...wait for it...keep waiting...nope, never mind, I've got nothing.

It's been a busy summer. I can't remember half of what has happened thus far, but here are a few highlights:

1. Gavin turned EIGHT! I can't even tell you how awesomely surreal it is to have an eight-year-old. He's so grown up and so independent, he might as well be twenty. Along with turning eight came two big events. First, he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What an amazing event. There really are no words. It was such a beautiful day. :) Secondly, he is now in cub scouts. He was able to attend a week of "twilight camp" and he LOVED it! He even earned his first patch. :)

2. Suzy turned FIVE! Today is actually her fifth birthday. I just can't believe it. I am taking a few minutes off from cleaning up in preparation for her "Tangled" birthday party. For those who are familiar with this movie, you understand the desire to have it be the theme for a birthday party (no matter what age you might be). For those who have not seen it, turn off the computer, drive to the video store immediately and rent it. Cutest movie! Our whole family loves it. We are excited to decorate paper lanterns and enjoy some yummy treats. In true "Tangled" fashion, "I had a dream once"...I dreamt of making this fantastic, praise-worthy tower cake. It was beyond fabulous. Truly. Princess Suzy, however, had other plans. She wants pink cupcakes. Well...it is her birthday after all and who am I to crush a little girl's dreams? I am not even the slightest bit relieved to be making plain pink cupcakes instead of a hugely involved tower cake when I'm 8 months pregnant...nope, not one bit. Okay fine, maybe a LITTLE relieved.

3. I am in the home stretch. About 4 weeks to go. I will most likely be scheduling an induction tomorrow so it might even be a little closer to 3 weeks. We shall see. Either way, Little Red Ramsey #5 will be joining us soon!

Now, since I know you are all wanting pictures (yes, even I have a soul), here are a few from this month. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 Down...

10 more to go!!! We are getting there!! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Dear

Mother epiphany #7,724,892---my kids remember things.

I had a bittersweet experience today. We were driving along in the van and just chitter chattering. The kids got on the subject of China, which was funny. But I digress...at one point in the conversation Suzy asked if I remembered the night that we went to the Mexico restaurant and we spoke Spanish and the man made her a blue balloon dog.
Yes, I did remember. I think what struck me though, is that SHE remembered. We went there probably over a year ago. She would have been three or maybe barely four-years-old. Why is this bittersweet you ask?
Well, I started thinking about how crabby I've been with this pregnancy and how I have placated myself in this situation by telling myself that my kids are little and they won't remember it. But if my four-year-old remembers ONE dinner and ONE balloon that she had ONE night, a year ago, what are the odds that she won't remember mom snapping at her or refusing to cuddle with her?
Guilt does crazy things. I took the kids to Moe's for dinner, Sweet Frog for dessert and then off to Target to pick out a little toy...yes, I really did feel THAT badly. Motherhood is not always easy and kids are kids. They get loud and they get demanding and they get attitude-ish...but honestly, is that much different than adults? The difference? They are imitating, we are inspiring.
So I guess that was my motherhood revelation of the moment...I need to make my children's memories amazing because they WILL remember.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little Bit Ironic...

I love baskets. Let me emphasize this properly...I really, really, REALLY love baskets! I collect baskets. I buy them at yard sales. I buy them at the Goodwill. I buy them on clearance. I probably have about six baskets in any given room of my house. My mom and grandma had a thing for baskets too...I inherited many baskets.
I like to give baby shower and birthday gifts in baskets rather than bags...who wouldn't rather get a gift in a basket?
So I find it a little bit ironic that on Easter, the one holiday that is categorically a "basket" holiday...I don't use baskets. Our Easter Bunny delivers his goodies in Easter BAGS! The reasoning? Easter baskets are not like normal baskets. Kids these days don't appreciate a good basket so they are drawn to the plastic, tacky baskets. Now don't get me wrong...I am not respector of baskets...but I have to draw the line somewhere. This is to say nothing of the $ involved in purchasing Easter baskets. You can easily spend $10-$15 on a single basket...and children (at least my children) might get a little disappointed if you put nothing in the basket. So since I know that our Easter baskets are not going to last, we do $.99 paper bags.
I hang my head in shame ever so slightly that I dismiss the basket on it's special day...but alas, Easter bags are where it's at in the Ramsey home!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Hall of Fame

In celebration of April Fool's I was reflecting on last year, when I was definitely fooled severely. So here is the breakdown of the scenario: Key players: -Jen -Bronwynn -Mike -Ryan Settings: Jen and Bronwynn are at Bronwynn's house. Mike is working and Ryan is at the dental clinic working with patients. Important back story: Jen is slated to be Ryan's dental board's patient in about 10 days. For those not familiar with dental school processes, this is a HUGE deal. It takes thousands of dollars for the students to take their boards, the patient must have very specific kinds of cavities, and if their patient doesn't show up...well, they lose their money and have to take it again later. Need less to say, finding a perfect patient who is reliable=majorly big deal. Part 1: Jen and Bronwynn decide it would be funny to prank Ryan and tell him that Jen can't be his boards patient because she's pregnant (she is not pregnant at this time). Knowing that neither of them can lie, they enlist the help of Mike. So they call Mike and ask him to call Ryan and tell Ryan the pregnancy story. Part 2: Jen talks to Mike about an hour later and their conversation goes something like this: Jen- "How did Ryan react to the pregnancy story?" Mike- "Oh you know Ryan, he was super nice about it. He just said it was awesome and congratulations and not to worry about boards, etc." Jen- "What did he say when you told him it was April fools?" Mike- "I didn't tell him." Jen- "What?" Mike- "He seemed so relaxed about it that I figured I'd let it ride for a little while." Jen- Freaks out, yells a little in a panicked way and expresses the importance of Mike telling Ryan it was a joke so that Ryan doesn't start looking for another patient. Mike agrees and says he will call Ryan. Bronwynn and Jen call Ryan...no answer. Mike calls Ryan...no answer but Mike leaves a message. Part 3: Jen goes home. Meanwhile, Ryan comes home and has the following conversation with Bronwynn: Bronwynn- "So did you get your phone call from Mike?" Ryan- "Oh yeah, about the baby?" Bronwynn- "No, the second one." Ryan- ..... Bronwynn- "It was an April fool's joke, Jen isn't pregnant." Ryan- "What?!?! She isn't pregnant? I didn't get a second phone call. I just paid someone $150 to take Jen's place!" Ryan continues to yell about how mad he is. Part 4: Bronwynn calls Jen and they have the following conversation: Bronwynn- "Jen, this is not an April fool's joke. Ryan didn't get Mike's message and he paid someone to take your place and he is super mad." Jen- "Why are you whispering?" Bronwynn- "I'm in the bathroom. Jen I have NEVER seen Ryan so upset. He's really ticked off at Mike for not telling him." Jen starts crying while Bronwynn continues to freak out in the bathroom. Then comes a knock on the bathroom door. Bronwynn opens and it's Ryan. Ryan: "APRIL FOOLS!!!!" The breakdown: Mike decided not to prank Ryan...he decided to turn the prank on us. So he and Ryan orchestrated the whole thing and Bronwynn and I ended up with 7 new grey hairs and 2 fewer years in our life expectancy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

No Pictures?

I get many requests for updated pictures on my blog and many inquisitions as to why they are not there in the first place. Let me answer the second complaint (and temporarily ignore the first). Why do I not have many pictures? Let me tell you. Reason #1- I don't have one of those fancy phones that uploads your pictures straight to the web so I can just click and paste. Yes, I know, my husband works for Ntelos. I should have a fancy phone right? Alas, even for an employee's wife, the phone costs money. Even should I desire, why pay for a phone that we all know would outsmart me daily? I could take pictures with my camera and then remove the sim card and upload the photos to the computer and then upload them to the blog, but honestly, who has that kind of energy? Everyone in the blogging world you say? Well darn. Guess I'm just plain old lazy! Reason #2- As I am constantly reminding my children, I have two hands and four children. You do the math. Until I learn to take pictures with my mouth or they invent a camera that floats along behind you, I'm afraid you will have to settle for a few less pictures. I am usually holding a baby, a hand, a bag, a cup, a snack, a diaper, a booger...and thus find myself incapable of taking pictures. Am I just making excuses? Probably. But seriously, you go to a soccer game and try to cheer on the player, keep a two year old from getting run over by a car, give one child a snack, take the other one behind the bushes to pee and somewhere in there find time to take awe-inspiring pictures. So don't hate me. Just remember what my husband looks like and then you will have a clear and lasting picture of each one of my children. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half Way!!

We are now half-way with the pregnancy and so far, so good! It's so exciting to get to this point. For one thing, it's a pregnancy milestone for any woman, half way done is half way done after all. For me, it's also a special milestone. The first baby that we lost was at 20 weeks, so I feel like once I pass that point I start to relax (a little bit). :)
I'm so thankful to be pregnant and to have things be going so smoothly. I'm enjoying every day that I get to carry our sweet little boy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can Someone Please...

Put this mama to bed! It's just been one of those days. Poor Mike had to work open to close today so he won't be home until late, even though he got very little sleep since he was up with RSV victim #3 (Nathan). Sadly, I was no help as I was up the whole night before with RSV victim #2 (Suzy).

So two sleep deprived parents, one at work and one at home. The one at work dealing with crabby customers. The one at work dealing with a very sick, very crabby, very lingy, very fevery Nathan.

Then Gavin gets gouged in the cheek with a tent pole, leading to a 45 minute disaster. Don't ask, because I have no idea. All I know is that six paper towels, two text messages to the pediatrician and one desperate call begging the hubby to come home, later... Gavin is doing fine. He's going to look gnarly in the morning though. Did I mention that Nathan totally freaks out at the sight of blood and hates when the kids get hurt? What? I forgot? Oh, well Nathan totally FREAKS out at the sight of blood.

So here it is, almost 7pm, and Caeden comes down to remind me that he hasn't eaten dinner yet. Then the intense wave of nausea and a few kicks from Little Red reminds me that I haven't eaten dinner yet either. Cold cereal anyone? Oh wait, Caeden doesn't like cereal...crud...um, toaster waffles anyone?

I'm ready for 8pm kisses and snuggles and bedtime stories and prayers (cause holy toledo do we need one tonight) and off to bed. Then could someone please come tuck me in and give me a drink of milk and pat my back and send me to bed? Pretty please?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank Heaven...

For little BOYS!! We are having another handsome man!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They Will Be Mine...

Oh yes, they will be mine...

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pit of the Issue

I want to know why everyone has such misgivings about prunes? Seriously, did you ever try to take them to lunch when you were in school? It was like the black plague of snack foods. People would scatter, point, whisper, giggle. Ever watched someone buy prunes or prune juice at the store? They hide it at the bottom of the basket, or tuck it under their coats, like it's a freaking illegal drug! I honestly don't understand. I can see using some discretion with something very personal like a feminine itch cream for example, or even tampax. I personally don't care if people know that use tampax, but that's just me. To each her own. But seriously, PRUNES?!?! Why is everyone so ashamed to buy prunes? Is everyone afraid that people will think they have constipation problems? Is it the attached stigma of prunes and retirement homes that get people so antsy?
Well let me be the first to stand and proudly declare: I LOVE PRUNES! I do, I love them and it has nothing to do with bowel regularity. I just plain love them. They are delicious. They are awesomely good for you. Period. And you know what really baffles me? Why is it okay to eat plums but not prunes? You can take a plum to lunch. No one laughs. You can happily walk through the grocery store holding your bag of plums without shame or fear of judgement. Why are plums okay but not prunes, I ask you?
It's a mystery to me but I am saying it here and now, I love and ever defend the reputation of the prune. Long live the prune!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Not Dead...

I'm just a really bad blogger. Here is the very short-short of it:
Mike is doing great with work but he is super busy and working pretty long hours. It's been a challenge but we are so thankful for a job and I'm proud of how hard he works.
Gavin is getting ready for his baptism in June...yeah, that's right. I said BAPTISM! I can't believe my little boy is almost 8 years old! We are so proud of him and his decision to be baptised. He is such a joy.
Caeden is also doing very well. He is a very sweet and thoughtful boy and has a gift of honesty. As in: "mom, when we have five kids you will have a lot of kids to feed and you're going to say, "i'm not making five different dinners!"" Well, the kid knows me well!
Suzy is doing just wonderfully. She is smart as a whip and surprises me every day with all the things she just picks up! I can't believe she will be starting kindergarten in the fall.
Nathan is a total mess. He's adorable. He's a big adorable mess! He is on the go all the time and getting into mischief 24/7. The only thing that seems to keep him occupied is "Peter and the Wolf". He watches it all day long...and I do mean, all day long.
Little Red is growing and doing well. We are 13.5 weeks now. So far everything seems quite fine. I have an ultrasound in 4 weeks so I am really looking forward to that. Little Red is very, very active from what we saw on the last ultrasound. I am still wading through the swamps of morning sickness purgatory but I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the chance I have to carry this baby. We could not be more excited. Everyone has been asking me whether I think it's a boy or a girl. The truth is that I have absolutely no inclination one way or another. I will say this, I will be thrilled with either one!
I will try to get some pictures up soon. That's a wrap.