Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Not Dead...

I'm just a really bad blogger. Here is the very short-short of it:
Mike is doing great with work but he is super busy and working pretty long hours. It's been a challenge but we are so thankful for a job and I'm proud of how hard he works.
Gavin is getting ready for his baptism in June...yeah, that's right. I said BAPTISM! I can't believe my little boy is almost 8 years old! We are so proud of him and his decision to be baptised. He is such a joy.
Caeden is also doing very well. He is a very sweet and thoughtful boy and has a gift of honesty. As in: "mom, when we have five kids you will have a lot of kids to feed and you're going to say, "i'm not making five different dinners!"" Well, the kid knows me well!
Suzy is doing just wonderfully. She is smart as a whip and surprises me every day with all the things she just picks up! I can't believe she will be starting kindergarten in the fall.
Nathan is a total mess. He's adorable. He's a big adorable mess! He is on the go all the time and getting into mischief 24/7. The only thing that seems to keep him occupied is "Peter and the Wolf". He watches it all day long...and I do mean, all day long.
Little Red is growing and doing well. We are 13.5 weeks now. So far everything seems quite fine. I have an ultrasound in 4 weeks so I am really looking forward to that. Little Red is very, very active from what we saw on the last ultrasound. I am still wading through the swamps of morning sickness purgatory but I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the chance I have to carry this baby. We could not be more excited. Everyone has been asking me whether I think it's a boy or a girl. The truth is that I have absolutely no inclination one way or another. I will say this, I will be thrilled with either one!
I will try to get some pictures up soon. That's a wrap.


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Yay, you posted!!! :) Little Red - that's too cute.

Terri said...

Yeah for baptisms! Makayla is in July so not far behind Gavin. I am so happy for another Ramsey to enter this world!!!!

ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

good job momma!! making a difference, on day at a time, in your sweet family. hope morning sickness subsides soon for ya tho!! :) so happy all is well! xo