Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Time Has Come.....

The Walrus said, to talk of other things......

SO LONG 2008!!! Wow, what a year. I could elaborate but in the interest of maintaining cheery New Year spirit, I will refrain aside from to say has been a long year! There have been many challenges and some heart aches too. Of course, we have to endure the bad days so that we can be there to enjoy the good days and we have had plenty of good days.

I thought I'd give a quick little update on the family to round out this year.
Mike is doing well though the economy has been rough on the business. We are thankful for the blessing it has been to have this job and the stability that it has provided our family for the past five years. The adventure, however, is at an end. We are in the process of changing jobs and possibly locations, depending on where we find said job....stay tuned for more on this. Aside from work, Mike is enjoying his calling in the Elders Quorum Presidency. He is also still working at the gym and likes being involved with the fitness world.

Gavin has had a big year. He started Kindergarten this year which was far more traumatic on his mother than it was on him. He loves every second of it and is ever so anxious to get back after this long break. He is such a loving and helpful little boy. Aside from school he really enjoys playing the Nintendo and hanging out with his Daddy. He has been taking gymnastics and he loves it! No surprises here...he is a fantastic little tumbler! He also has no fear and will trot right across the high balance beams without thinking twice. Need less to say, he keeps the instructors on their toes!

Caeden turned four in November and celebrated with a crocodile birthday party (I dare you to try to find crocodile party supplies...anywhere). He is still our little animal man. I have a feeling that I have my work cut out for me in the future. I have visions of 15-year-old Caeden bringing home pythons and lizards and who knows what else. Of course, stake-wrangling is in his blood. My darling husband is notorious for catching wild the rattlesnake he caught in California and took home in a pillow case. Aside from the reptile obsessions, Caeden is also a very sweet and loving little boy. He loves to sing and playing with his older brother is his very favorite thing.

Suzy is two and a half now and somehow the "terrible twos" just doesn't quite cover it. I have never met a child who could be so loving and gentle one minute and such a shrieking banshee the next. Suzy is smart, funny and oh so cute. She is also the princess and she knows it. She likes things done a certain way or watch out! She is a very typical toddler girl in that she loves Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Princesses and Baby Dolls. She is NOT a typical toddler girl in that the only clothes she wants to wear are her brothers. Suzy loves her brothers and has actually taken up residence in their bedroom between their beds. She is a spit-fire but she sure is fun. We are excited to watch her grow up.

As for me, I am doing just fine. I am loving my calling in Young Women's. It is so wonderful and I love every second. Our lives at home have changed now with Gavin in school but I am finding that the time with Caeden and Suzy has been wonderful. Every season of life has its storms and its sunshine and we are trying to enjoy the sunshine. Many of you may have noticed I have not been a very good blogger here of late. This is mostly because I have been feeling rather ill. Yes, you guessed it, we are expecting.....again!! This year has been an emotional roller coaster for our little family with three miscarriages but you know what they say about falling off the horse. Things have been going well with this pregnancy so far. We had our first ultrasound about a month ago and yesterday we heard the heartbeat for the first time. It is a miraculous and beautiful thing. We are so thankful for this opportunity and the blessing it is to have our children.

Though this year has been challenging we have felt the love and sustaining hand of a merciful Father in Heaven. We have seen blessings in abundance and have received peace and comfort in His gospel. We pray that everyone will have a blessed new year!