Monday, March 28, 2011

No Pictures?

I get many requests for updated pictures on my blog and many inquisitions as to why they are not there in the first place. Let me answer the second complaint (and temporarily ignore the first). Why do I not have many pictures? Let me tell you. Reason #1- I don't have one of those fancy phones that uploads your pictures straight to the web so I can just click and paste. Yes, I know, my husband works for Ntelos. I should have a fancy phone right? Alas, even for an employee's wife, the phone costs money. Even should I desire, why pay for a phone that we all know would outsmart me daily? I could take pictures with my camera and then remove the sim card and upload the photos to the computer and then upload them to the blog, but honestly, who has that kind of energy? Everyone in the blogging world you say? Well darn. Guess I'm just plain old lazy! Reason #2- As I am constantly reminding my children, I have two hands and four children. You do the math. Until I learn to take pictures with my mouth or they invent a camera that floats along behind you, I'm afraid you will have to settle for a few less pictures. I am usually holding a baby, a hand, a bag, a cup, a snack, a diaper, a booger...and thus find myself incapable of taking pictures. Am I just making excuses? Probably. But seriously, you go to a soccer game and try to cheer on the player, keep a two year old from getting run over by a car, give one child a snack, take the other one behind the bushes to pee and somewhere in there find time to take awe-inspiring pictures. So don't hate me. Just remember what my husband looks like and then you will have a clear and lasting picture of each one of my children. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half Way!!

We are now half-way with the pregnancy and so far, so good! It's so exciting to get to this point. For one thing, it's a pregnancy milestone for any woman, half way done is half way done after all. For me, it's also a special milestone. The first baby that we lost was at 20 weeks, so I feel like once I pass that point I start to relax (a little bit). :)
I'm so thankful to be pregnant and to have things be going so smoothly. I'm enjoying every day that I get to carry our sweet little boy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can Someone Please...

Put this mama to bed! It's just been one of those days. Poor Mike had to work open to close today so he won't be home until late, even though he got very little sleep since he was up with RSV victim #3 (Nathan). Sadly, I was no help as I was up the whole night before with RSV victim #2 (Suzy).

So two sleep deprived parents, one at work and one at home. The one at work dealing with crabby customers. The one at work dealing with a very sick, very crabby, very lingy, very fevery Nathan.

Then Gavin gets gouged in the cheek with a tent pole, leading to a 45 minute disaster. Don't ask, because I have no idea. All I know is that six paper towels, two text messages to the pediatrician and one desperate call begging the hubby to come home, later... Gavin is doing fine. He's going to look gnarly in the morning though. Did I mention that Nathan totally freaks out at the sight of blood and hates when the kids get hurt? What? I forgot? Oh, well Nathan totally FREAKS out at the sight of blood.

So here it is, almost 7pm, and Caeden comes down to remind me that he hasn't eaten dinner yet. Then the intense wave of nausea and a few kicks from Little Red reminds me that I haven't eaten dinner yet either. Cold cereal anyone? Oh wait, Caeden doesn't like, toaster waffles anyone?

I'm ready for 8pm kisses and snuggles and bedtime stories and prayers (cause holy toledo do we need one tonight) and off to bed. Then could someone please come tuck me in and give me a drink of milk and pat my back and send me to bed? Pretty please?