Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's in a Name?

Let me preface by saying that as a child, I named EVERYTHING! I grew up on a farm with many, many, MANY animals...each of which had a name. The fish had names....the chickens had names....random birds in trees had names. Need less to say, every toy that I touched was given a name.
My daughter names nothing. Well, I suppose that's not quite fair. She does name things. Her names are just a bit more...generic? For example:

white kitten

purple puppy

yellow duck

pink pig

do we see the trend??
So imagine my surprise/delight when Suzy decided to name her new baby doll that she bought at the dollar store yesterday. (Note: I am glad that she didn't catch on to the name I was using, which was Quasimodo--this doll is kinda funny looking). I had fully expected this baby to be called "Green Baby" or even just "Baby" but Suzy has decided to give her baby a REAL name. I am pleased to present to you.....


It's moment's like these that make parenthood so miraculous.

Marvelous March Recap

#1- Baby Nathan is on the move!! He is CRAWLING!
#2- Gavin is in his 4th season of soccer- team U7 Germany!
#3- Caeden is registered for KINDERGARTEN!!!!
#4- Mike won a sales contest at work...including a really kicking prize! :)
#5- Suzy was picked several times for being reverent in Primary (yes, Primary, not nursery...but PRIMARY)!!
#6- New Moon was released (sorry, had to include it)!
#7- Awesome visit from the Perkins!
#8- Amy and Andrew had their baby!!! Welcome Violet!

**now it's your turn!! leave a comment with exciting things that happened for you this month! terri...i know you have one!!! ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yoga Baby!

My baby may not be able to crawl...but he can do an awesome downward dog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Next Project: The Reinvention of the Grocery Store

Item number one: the new and improved grocery cart. You know it had to be a man who created our standard grocery cart...a woman would have made solid bottoms so that nail polish and eye shadows wouldn't fall out of the holes. My grocery cart will have a solid bottom. The biggest changes will be wrought in the child-friendly carts. Most of the ones you see today have the little car on the front with two seats.This is insufficient. While my store will continue to have the standard car version, we will also carry a modified version which will have a little mini-van on the front which will accommodate four children instead of two. In addition, the size of the basket will be increased (deeper and wider)because seriously, if I have enough kids to negate a cart of this size, what are the chances that I only need a small basket's worth of groceries?? Anytime I go to the store I end up with groceries stacked on top of the little car, hanging out the sides of the basket and stuffed up underneath...but no more! Space will abound in my new grocery-cart masterpiece. And finally, the piece de resistance...the decontamination chamber. All carts must drive through it between each use so as to keep them sanitary and sparkling.
Item number two: the isles. Gone are the days of bumping into multiple poorly-placed display stands. The isles will be wider (3 carts wide to be exact which will be much needed with our new family-friendly carts) and clear of displays. It will also involve a two-way traffic system with a passing lane in the middle.
Item number three: the layout. Why is it that produce and bakery reside on one end and then the frozen foods are on the opposite end. If you get your frozen foods first then they are thawing by the time you reach the fresh goods. If you get your fresh foods first they will be smooshed by canned goods and cereal before you can get to the frozens. So in my superbly set up grocery store, we will have the bakery and fresh produce next to the frozen foods....thus eliminating the dilemma that faces every well-meaning shopper.
We shall call it "The Store of Wonders".