Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here We Are!

He's finally here!! I truly feel over-joyed. He is doing so well and fits so perfectly into our family. The delivery went very well. A brief synopsis for those who are curious...I got a call on Monday morning (the 13th) and they asked me if I could come in for an amnio to check for lung maturity because they wanted to induce me this week to avoid further strain on my pubic bone (at this point it was getting pretty hard just to walk). They examined me and found that my cervix had made no change and my uterus was measuring at 40 weeks even though I was only 38. Soooo, we had the amnio..which, by the way, was SO not as bad as I imagined it to be. I went to labor and delivery to monitor for a couple hours and make sure Nathan wasn't disturbed by the intrusion. He wasn't. So we went home and they called in a few hours to tell me that the lungs were mature and scheduled me to come in Tuesday afternoon to get things rolling. Tuesday night they began with cervadil (a drug that helps prepare the cervix and make it favorable for induction). At about 5am on Wednesday we got things rolling. Of course, I asked for my epidural before they began the pitocin (the induction medicine formed in the fiery pits of Hades)or broke my water. Then the medication began and about 5 and 1/2 hrs and 10 minutes of pushing later he was here!! All 9lbs. 3 oz. of him!
He was super healthy and has been a sweet and mellow baby so far. The kids love him and Mike and I are enamored of course. It's really been wonderful to have him here safe and sound.
I had a lot of time in the hospital to just be with Nathan and reflect on the journey that we've had over the last two years with the miscarriages and the pregnancy. I remember so well the pain and the sadness that we went through. I remember the many prayers that I offered up and the many tears shed. It was such a difficult time for me personally. But in my heart I always knew he was there and he would come. Now looking back I am just so thankful for the blessing of our children. I guess the lesson I have learned in this is that if you know where you're going and you hit a road block, that doesn't mean that you turn around and go just means a new route. And once you get's a little piece of Heaven right here on Earth!

Friday, July 17, 2009

He's Here!!!

Nathan Edward Ramsey was born on July 15th at 12 noon (on the dot). He weighed 9lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. We are home and recovering, everyone is doing well. More details and pictures will follow!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prediction Time!

Alright everyone, here we go, time to guess away!!

A few statistics to help:
Gavin- 3 days late, 26 hrs. of labor, 8lbs. 9oz, no hair
Caeden- 2 weeks early, 15 hrs. of labor, 6lbs. 15 oz, a little hair
Suzy- 10 days early, 6 hrs. of labor, 6lbs. 6oz, no hair

*all three babies required pitocin--the boys i was in labor and with suzy they started me from scratch

soooooo, Baby Nathan:
when will he be born? (remember my induction is on the 20th)
how much will he weigh? (you've all seen the belly pictures)
how long will I be in labor?
will he have any hair?

have fun, let's see who gets the closest!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Nathan Update

Has it really been a week?? I guess so!! Well, here's the report. There has been absolutely NO change at all. I have not progressed at all so we are going ahead with the original plan to schedule an induction at 39 weeks (so around July 20th). We did get to peak at the little man today to check his position. He is head down (although he has still not dropped)and surrounded by plenty of fluid. He seems fat and happy so this is all good news. So now we just hang in there and let him bake for another two weeks. That's the scoop!!