Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love graham crackers. I could eat them by the box all by myself. I love smearing them with nutella and marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and chocolate chips, cream cheese frosting, whipped cream and strawberries...the snack-worthy toppings are endless.
My kids love graham crackers too, which is awesome. It's awesome because my kids don't like any of the same things. At all. Ever. It's an unwritten kid-rule in my house. If four like spaghetti, there is one who hates spaghetti. For realz. So the fact that I can give one snack to all FIVE children, is a miracle from Heaven.
Tyler loooooves graham crackers. They are his favorite thing. Baby fussing? Give him a graham cracker. Baby teething? Give him a graham cracker. Baby up at 2am? Where are the graham crackers?!?! Graham crackers make him smile.

I like that Tyler likes graham crackers because they make my life easier. In motherhood, anything that makes life a little easier/quieter/less insane is a good thing. So if I can plop Tyler down in front of Blues Clues with a graham cracker and he will actually sit and play and be happy, then I am happy.
Yep, I am teaching my children to sit in front of the television and consume loads of sugary snacks. What could possibly go wrong? But hey, do you want my kids to have clean clothes? Trust me, you do. Television + graham crackers = Jen's kids having clean clothes.
There is, however, a down side to graham crackers. When you chew up graham crackers (or rather when you gum them to death) you end up with this delightful graham cracker crumb paste. It's a slobbery, buttery goop, which you can then smear all over everything from the carpet, to the couch to mom's shirt. The best part though? This goop doesn't stay goopy forever. It DRIES! Instant slobber-graham-crusties. MMMMMMMMM.

So, new math for you. Television + graham crackers = clean clothes and disgusting furniture. Thank goodness for baby wipes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Yay for Indoor Plumbing!

This is how we've spent the last few days:

Feeling very thankful for:
1. Indoor plumbing (oh, and outdoor...had to use the hose too)
2. Clorox
3. Redbox
4. Gatorade and Saltines
5. The fact that weeks like these are rare and my kids are typically healthy