Friday, March 27, 2009

My Funny Kids

I love my kids. They say and to the funniest things. My friend Karen has special quotes from her kids on her blog and so I am stealing that idea to tell a few funny things my kiddos have said lately.

Gavin....The funniest thing about him (well it isn't always funny) is that he never sleeps. Last night Suzy woke up about 1:30-2:00am and as I was getting her settled in bed I heard the TV on downstairs in the living room. Mike was slumbering in our bed heavily so I knew it wasn't him. Did I forget to turn it off? No, I was 99% sure that hadn't happened. So I sent Mike down to see what was going on. BOTH our boys were sitting on the couch watching Tom and Jerry and eating a bag of croutons. At this point we were not happy with them but seriously, it is pretty darn funny. For Gavin's funny quote, yesterday Mike took Caeden to the store (he tries to have some one on one time with each kid) and Caeden picked out a "treat", a bag of three rubber fish for the bathtub so that each child would have one. When he showed it to his brother, Gavin responded by saying, "oh, that is so sweet!"

Caeden....His newest thing is his temper. He has a very short one. It's actually quite funny, borderline hilarious. He is a big foot stomper and he loves to say "I am so mad at you!" His little eyes come together under his furrowed brow and that lower lip jets out about a good inch. He also reeeeeally likes for you to know he's mad. If he starts stomping and huffing and puffing and you ignore him he'll say something like, "guess who I'm mad at?" If you ask him to eat something on his plate at dinner he will say "(insert unwanted food item) makes me so angry!". It's just actually really entertaining.

Suzy....Oh the girl of a million quirks. She is super into her clothes right now. Sometimes she wants to wear them, sometimes she doesn't but she ALWAYS wants to buy some from the store. She is very set on what she will wear also. Yesterday it took me almost an hour to convince her to wear long pants instead of her new pink shorts to go out in the cold, rainy day. She also loves to have her hair done now. We have a whole routine...gathering enough hair to make two tiny pig tails, rubber band with hairspray, clip a bow on and then curl them...and then more hairspray. :) If I skip a step or try to do something even remotely different to her hair...oh boy, watch out. One of my favorite new Suzy quotes is when she sees something she wants, like the Lifesaver she wanted to eat this morning, she will say, "mommy, this is for my birthday."

Nathan...Can't leave him out! He is so funny. From dodging the doppler at every appointment to his notorious peace sign ultrasound picture, this kid has got Ramsey flare! He is a BIG sweet fan. Anytime I eat anything with sugar this baby is bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I love it! I have a feeling he is going to fit in well with this crazy clan of ours!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good news....about 24 hours after starting the antibiotics I was a new woman. Of course you trade the symptoms of the illness for the side effects of the antibiotics but honestly, to be able to eat and speak (two of my favorite things) without pain, ahhhh, it's amazing!! :)
The bad news....I don't really have any. Honestly, "the good and the ugly" just didn't make a very interesting title.
The ugly...this I do have. I did get that bruise. She wasn't kidding. This is almost a week since having my blood taken. Seriously, this woman was so nice but she will never get near me with a needle again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Did I Manage That?

So, for the past five days or so I have had this nagging little sore throat. It wasn't a big deal and it wasn't really getting any worse so I just ignored it. After all, I had no other symptoms and no one else in the house was sick so it can't be too major right?
Then yesterday evening something happened. I am 99% sure that I didn't swallow a nail, mash my tonsil with a hammer or set said tonsil on fire. That having been said, those are the only reasonable explanations I could come up with. I went from no big deal to my tonsil may or may not fall off today in a matter of hours. By bedtime it was throbbing so hard my ear was hurting. Need less to say, it was a rough night. I have never been so desirous of a hospital strength Ibuprofen (which I have in my medicine cabinet for just such occasions), especially when my two little Tylenol (the only safe thing to take while pregnant) didn't make a hill of beans of difference.
So this morning I called Mike home and he sat with the kids while I went up to Patients First. Now, let me ask you math geniuses out there, explain this little word problem to me... I am the fourth person in the door and therefor the fourth on the list. There are three doctors there (at least) and let's be generous and say they spend 10 minutes with each patient (again, we are being generous). So why is it, with three doctors, three patients ahead of me and 10 minutes per patient, it takes me an hour and a half to get out of there? I know, it didn't add up to me either but then again, I can't play Yahtzee without a calculator so I am not really a reliable gauge.
In all fairness to them, they were very nice and thorough. After my negative strep test I thought I had to be experiencing one of two things, either I just had some gnarly virus and I'm a tremendous wuss or my tonsil really was going to fall off. They decided to draw some blood to check my white count. That was fun. The lady was nice as could be but she probably would have had trouble finding a good vein on Mr. Ed. After poking and digging around a few times she finally managed to get the blood and all she could say to me was, "You're going to have a pretty nice bruise." Thank you.
So it turns out I have a bacterial infection in my tonsils. How on Earth did I do that? I mean, don't most infections stem from an earlier illness? Anyway, I am now on antibiotics and I only had to consult with the Patients First dr, my obgyn and the pharmacist before I felt comfortable that they were safe to take during pregnancy. Hey, you never can be too careful right? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes Virginia, It did Snow!

As I sit here on my computer looking out the window I cannot believe my eyes. We have not seen this much snow since we moved here. In fact, my children have not seen this much snow in their lives! It's incredible! I know you westerners are laughing at me right now but seriously, we have REAL snow...inches and inches and INCHES!
A little glimpse into our snow day. Of COURSE, my children were up at the crack of dawn, or as my dear friend Amy would say, "the crack" as dawn is not yet in the picture. They had seen the snow falling last night and were so excited to get up and see if there was enough to play in this morning. Boy, were they excited! Gavin was up before 6am and we had to restrain him from running out in his pajamas.
After breakfast we started getting ready to go play in the snow. Here is the fun part, we live in a place where it barely ever snows and when it does, it's enough to make a footprint and then it melts. So we have no snow clothes. No snow suits, no boots, no real gloves (just some fleece mittens...not waterproof). We do have coats and hats but that's about it! So what do we do? Why, we do what any good rednecks in the situation would do, we wrap our kids in trash bags!
We put them in a light layer of clothes, then used trash bags to waterproof their feet and legs (we used one bag for each leg and tucked the excess into their case you are trying to get the full picture) and then we put a warmer layer of clothes over top. We then put smaller pieces of trash bag over their hands underneath their mittens. There you go...who needs a snow suit?!?
We had a blast! We have no hill to speak of so Mike pulled us around on our coaster. We jumped on the trampoline and basically just rolled in the snow. Yes, mom and dad had trash bags too!!
Maybe this year I should take advantage of the sale Target has at the end of the winter and buy those $3 snow boots for the kids.