Friday, March 27, 2009

My Funny Kids

I love my kids. They say and to the funniest things. My friend Karen has special quotes from her kids on her blog and so I am stealing that idea to tell a few funny things my kiddos have said lately.

Gavin....The funniest thing about him (well it isn't always funny) is that he never sleeps. Last night Suzy woke up about 1:30-2:00am and as I was getting her settled in bed I heard the TV on downstairs in the living room. Mike was slumbering in our bed heavily so I knew it wasn't him. Did I forget to turn it off? No, I was 99% sure that hadn't happened. So I sent Mike down to see what was going on. BOTH our boys were sitting on the couch watching Tom and Jerry and eating a bag of croutons. At this point we were not happy with them but seriously, it is pretty darn funny. For Gavin's funny quote, yesterday Mike took Caeden to the store (he tries to have some one on one time with each kid) and Caeden picked out a "treat", a bag of three rubber fish for the bathtub so that each child would have one. When he showed it to his brother, Gavin responded by saying, "oh, that is so sweet!"

Caeden....His newest thing is his temper. He has a very short one. It's actually quite funny, borderline hilarious. He is a big foot stomper and he loves to say "I am so mad at you!" His little eyes come together under his furrowed brow and that lower lip jets out about a good inch. He also reeeeeally likes for you to know he's mad. If he starts stomping and huffing and puffing and you ignore him he'll say something like, "guess who I'm mad at?" If you ask him to eat something on his plate at dinner he will say "(insert unwanted food item) makes me so angry!". It's just actually really entertaining.

Suzy....Oh the girl of a million quirks. She is super into her clothes right now. Sometimes she wants to wear them, sometimes she doesn't but she ALWAYS wants to buy some from the store. She is very set on what she will wear also. Yesterday it took me almost an hour to convince her to wear long pants instead of her new pink shorts to go out in the cold, rainy day. She also loves to have her hair done now. We have a whole routine...gathering enough hair to make two tiny pig tails, rubber band with hairspray, clip a bow on and then curl them...and then more hairspray. :) If I skip a step or try to do something even remotely different to her hair...oh boy, watch out. One of my favorite new Suzy quotes is when she sees something she wants, like the Lifesaver she wanted to eat this morning, she will say, "mommy, this is for my birthday."

Nathan...Can't leave him out! He is so funny. From dodging the doppler at every appointment to his notorious peace sign ultrasound picture, this kid has got Ramsey flare! He is a BIG sweet fan. Anytime I eat anything with sugar this baby is bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I love it! I have a feeling he is going to fit in well with this crazy clan of ours!


Jenny said...

The story about the boys watching Tom and Jerry in the middle of the night is classic!! This is such a good idea to write little excerpts about each child. Years down the road, you will be so glad that you documented these great stories and quotes! :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Croutons??? Now that is funny.

Also- do you guys have that Mercer Mayer book "I Was So Mad"? It is hilarious. I'm sure Caeden could relate. haha!

P.S. I have something for you over on my blog. :)

The Milton Family said...

I love reading your blog, your kids are so funny and the way you describe them is even funnier. You look terrific in that prego pic! I love you!!

Dunstan Family said...

haha that is so funny the boys (of course in the middle of the night I would have starting crying) you look so cute pregos. I am so happy for you and praying for you.