Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This weekend our family planted some flower beds for the kids. They had so much fun. It is so neat to watch them and how much they love their flowers. Every day they want to water them, of course it has been raining since we planted them so it hasn't been needed. I know they can't wait for that magic day when the flowers actually need to be watered.

I love sharing this experience with my kids. Gardening is something that runs in my family. My mother and grandmother and great grandmother (not to mention, aunts and unlces galore) have all been master gardeners. I feel blessed to share the tradition with my beautiful kids.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh My Yoga and Good Gracious Pilates

Somebody bring in the body bag and a few pounds of russell stover's.....QUICK!

I had this fantastic idea that I would start eating better, avoiding all my usual junk food and that I would start trying to do some excercise videos. It's easier than loading the kids and go to the gym right??

My first attempts at this were completely demolished when someone brought over an ENTIRE cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (which by the way, they make cheesecake....and it's good) and oh please....contain myself? Then I had also made a butter pecan cake with cream cheese frosting (as I had no idea they were bringing the aforementioned cheesecake) and so my fridge has had to play host to an overload of scrumptious goodies...sent from the firey pits of hades. I pawned as much as I possibly could off on my skinny little buddy and hoped that would help. After days of trying to avoid the temptations I was quite ready to throw in the towel and eat myself stupid.

Next enter the excercise. I went to the Goodwill, really where else would you buy work out videos? If you think about it, I am paying for what obviously wasn't working for someone else.
So, I purchased three fabulous tapes (the only ones that weren't jazz-or-cise with cindy including pink headbands and leg warmers). One was a pilates video that I actually had before, loaned it out and never did see again, one was a yoga and the other is a toning one.

Yesterday I did pilates. Oh mylanta. My abs are ticked off. They have been yelling at me all day. "Jenny, what in the name of all that is reasonable were you thinking" they say to me. Honestly my abs, I just don't know. Let's not even go into what my thighs and buns are saying...they are not nearly so polite.

Today I decided to go with yoga, it's relaxing and not so tough right? I got through about 15 mintues of the 47 minute video, considered throwing myself off of a tall building and into a man eating lion hole, just because it would be less painful than trying to continue with yoga.

I need Brusters.