Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Ramblings

This is a Non-Mother's Day, Mother's Day post. I didn't actually post on Mother's Day because I was busy being pampered. No dishes and no diapers for an entire day?!? I'm telling you, it's the high life. My husband is amazing. Truly.

But I did want to share a few Mother's Day sentiments. Mother's Day always carries a range of emotions for me. On the one hand, it's super wonderful to have a day where I get to be reminded how awesome I am. Cards and notes from the kids and the hubster, an excuse to ask everyone to do my bidding with the expectation that they will do it without getting cranky with me, well wishes from friends and family. It's pretty awesome. On the other hand, there is always that ache of not being able to be with my own mother. The ghost of Mother's Days past has oft reminded me that I really didn't spoil her properly during our time together. I have learned much since then. I could have spoiled her the right way now that I know what moms REALLY want. It's a cruel irony of life. Mom, if you can read blogs in Heaven, this is me promising to make it up to you one day.

I suppose this post is my weak attempt to satisfy part of my debt to my sweet mother, and also to my Heavenly Father who has given me the opportunity to be a mother myself, to the most incredible kids ever. I know every mother thinks her kids are the best. The difference is, mine really are. For real guys. They are ridiculous. Hilarious. Smart. Beautiful. Kind. I'm not sure how kids get to be this awesome. I thank my Heavenly Father (and every lucky star in the heavens) that I married an awesome man, because surely these kids are rewards for his good deeds. I am just privileged to be with them.

So in gratitude for my own experiences as a mother, as well as my gratitude for my experiences with my mother, here is my because of list...

Because of my mother:
I laugh every time I hear the song "Fever" by Garth Brooks
I think purple and magenta are perfectly acceptable colors for pants
I talk to plants and random wild animals like they understand me
I say things like, "that's a fine kettle of fish" and "me oh my and a basket of soap bubbles"
I shake the milk jug every time I get it out of the fridge
I know that your smile is the feature that make the biggest impression. It's the first thing you notice and last thing you remember.
I consider frozen yogurt a suitable lunch selection
I cry when I hear bangle bracelets jingling

Because of my children:
I wake up every day and pray that I can be a better mother
I go to bed every night and thank my Heavenly Father for every second I've had with them
I appreciate the man I married more intensely than I would have ever anticipated
I sing songs like "Baby Booby Bird" and "Water, Water" just for fun
I appreciate my parents more
I understand humility better
I understand love better
I understand God better
I am entertained by clapping and smiling in ways I can't explain
I have lots of new ideas on how the world should be run
I know less than I ever have
My life is filled with joy

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things Change and Stay the Same

Five things that I loved before I had children, that I don't love anymore:
1. Sleeping late
2. Scary movies
3. Buttery popcorn
4. Logo shirts
5. Road trips

Five things that I still love, even after having children:
1. Playing loud music in the car
2. Dessert
3. Inflatable slides
4. Good books
5. Hanging out with my husband

Five things that I love BECAUSE I have children:
1. The way a two-year-old says "delicious"
2. Family access public bathrooms
3. Dirty feet
4. The smell of grass, sunscreen and baby wash all mixed together
5. School plays