Monday, March 24, 2008

Out-foxed by my four year old....but why am I not surprised?

Oh me in all my never ceases to amaze me what a dumby I can be sometimes. I had this brilliant plan of how to get my kids to eat some new foods. This theory dates back to last summer when I was able to convince my boys to eat broccoli by calling it "tree stars" like from the Land Before Time. They thought that was pretty cool.....who doesn't want to be a prehistoric singing reptile right?
So here I am thinking, ooooooohkay, I know how to get Gavin to eat corn off the cob...I will tell them that it is not corn, but "magical tickle bugs".....oh wait, this gets better. I decide to convince them by taking a bite myself and then laughing like crazy pretending that it was tickling my stomach. They laughed....who wouldn't, a grown woman squirming around for no good reason that you can tell. So they ask me to take another bite......being the genius that I am I think, "it's working" and in goes another bite. I finally caught on to their game after five or so bites. Brilliant. And in todays headlines a Mechanicsville woman's brains were found lost among a bag of jelly beans....unfortunately scientists were unable to determine the difference between her brain and the cherry limeade.
So, I told Gavin he needed to eat his magical tickle bugs, to which he replies, "mommy I don't eat bugs" and I told him he was just using his imagination.
So a bit later he starts builing a "castle" with his cheese cubes. I tell him to stop and eat his cheese cubes....he then says to me, "mommy I can't eat these, they're bricks. I don't eat bricks."
"Gavin, those aren't bricks, they're cheese them."
"Mommy, I'm using my imagination."
Final score:
Gavin 2, Mommy 0

Oh I love being an idiot.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging Expedition: Take 2

Apparantly, though I created a blog, it was not on the site that my friends were wanting...because they couldn't leave here we are.

I just knew I would be so good at this.

So here is our newer of new blogs. I'll try to do you proud guys.