Monday, March 24, 2008

Out-foxed by my four year old....but why am I not surprised?

Oh me in all my never ceases to amaze me what a dumby I can be sometimes. I had this brilliant plan of how to get my kids to eat some new foods. This theory dates back to last summer when I was able to convince my boys to eat broccoli by calling it "tree stars" like from the Land Before Time. They thought that was pretty cool.....who doesn't want to be a prehistoric singing reptile right?
So here I am thinking, ooooooohkay, I know how to get Gavin to eat corn off the cob...I will tell them that it is not corn, but "magical tickle bugs".....oh wait, this gets better. I decide to convince them by taking a bite myself and then laughing like crazy pretending that it was tickling my stomach. They laughed....who wouldn't, a grown woman squirming around for no good reason that you can tell. So they ask me to take another bite......being the genius that I am I think, "it's working" and in goes another bite. I finally caught on to their game after five or so bites. Brilliant. And in todays headlines a Mechanicsville woman's brains were found lost among a bag of jelly beans....unfortunately scientists were unable to determine the difference between her brain and the cherry limeade.
So, I told Gavin he needed to eat his magical tickle bugs, to which he replies, "mommy I don't eat bugs" and I told him he was just using his imagination.
So a bit later he starts builing a "castle" with his cheese cubes. I tell him to stop and eat his cheese cubes....he then says to me, "mommy I can't eat these, they're bricks. I don't eat bricks."
"Gavin, those aren't bricks, they're cheese them."
"Mommy, I'm using my imagination."
Final score:
Gavin 2, Mommy 0

Oh I love being an idiot.


Rebecca said...

*grin* I totally understand, Jen. I am often outsmart by my thirteenth month old and even more so by my three years old! You sit there and wonder how they possibly come up with this stuff! On the upside, it gives us good laughs and great scrapbooking.

Kelli said...

HAHAHAHA! That is one smart kid! Too funny...this reminds me of a Charlie and Lola episode that I thought was so clever. I think there's a book too. It's something like "I absolutely won't eat a tomato" and Charlie uses all these funny names and explanations for stuff to get her to eat her veggies, fish sticks, etc... It's really cute.

gvnsmm said...

"I will not ever, never eat a tomato"

my kids wrote it.

Kelli said...

Yes! That's it! I love that cartoon.

P.S. You are not an idiot.

Anonymous said...

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