Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Stinker

I must first tell you that I have had MANY pre-natal appointments in my day and I have never, ever, ever, EVER had a baby where they could not find the heartbeat (in my healthy pregnancies of course) UNTIL this baby! Every single time it takes at least two nurses trying before someone finds it. They have had to bring the ultrasound in machine several times because they cannot find the heartbeat with the doppler. Yesterday was no exception. I went in to the dr. I didn't have my usual nurse. The new nurse was obviously not familiar with my situation. She kept trying to find it and was making jokes about the baby "hiding" and all this. Of course, how was she to know that I was ready to throw myself off the top of the building? FINALLY she calls my nurse who, rather than torture me right into cardiac arrest by using the doppler herself, promptly gets the ultrasound machine. There he was, kicking, squirming and probably laughing right at me. Little stinker.
Of course after the fact I thought it was funny. My only baby to hide from the doppler (and he does EVERY time) is the one following three miscarriages. Go figure!
I just have to say though how very thankful I am to be pregnant. I was in bed this mornign feeling him kicking around and it was so amazing. I just remember feeling like this time might never happen for me again. I can't begin to express how excited our family is to finally be here. I know I still have a long way to go. :)
Our kids are so excited. Gavin was talking to me this morning about how he can't wait for Nathan to get here because he wants to see his "teeny toes. Oh I just love teeny toes!" Caeden is very glad it's a boy and Suzy...well, I am not sure she is quite sure what to think but I think she's going to love the baby once he comes.
I am so thankful for my sweet children and a healthy pregnancy. Almost half way there! I could not possibly be happier!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

one of THOSE days

Ever had one of those days where you think to yourself, and possibly out loud, at least once during the course of the day; "What on Earth am I doing? What is happening here?" Yesterday....ooooohhhhhhhh, yesterday! Yesterday was definitely one of THOSE days!
In the course of only an hour or so my daughter took off her diaper (for the 18th time) and pooped on the floor. In spite of being disgusting it was actually a little hilarious. My boys came running downstairs with terror in their little faces. "MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYYYY SUZY POOPED ON OUR FLOOR!!!!" I wish I could properly emphasize the word "poop" to match the utter horror they were obviously feeling. Thankfully the poop was of the pick-upable variety. Sorry, that was a little gross.
Anyway, we take care of that situation but do you know what? I STILL have not found that diaper. I found Suzy, found the poop...but no diaper. It has vanished from this house. I am sure I will find it somewhere the bag of sugar in the pantry or the vegetable drawer of the fridge.
So the next lovely thing to grace our afternoon was the bag of rice krispies...yes, that's right, RICE KRISPIES, that were spilled all over the carpet. Not the laminate floors, oh no, the carpet. Of course the vacuum was upstairs and it's too heavy for me to carry down in my state of preggo-ness so, being the evil mother that I am, I did exactly what my father would have done. "You pick up every one of those rice krispies right now!" Of course, we only picked up about 10 before I caved and just left it until Mike got home...sigh.
Now on to the Master Bedroom on our tour-de-destruction....not rice krispies this time. Now it's granola! I guess they snuck some upstairs and spilled it all over the bedroom carpet. At least it's not as bad as the lick-a-stick powder that was spilled on my comforter. Just TRY to sweep that stuff up...go ahead, try it.
Last but certainly not least is Gavin's bed. My boys decided pulling the mattress off of his bed would be great fun and then jumping on the FRAME of the bed would be even more delightful. Need less to say, we now have a broken plank on the bed frame.
By the time Mike got home I was beyond ready for my scheduled Target date with my friend, Mandy. I left the house before anything else could POSSIBLY go wrong.
Target was fun but I have to vent about just one more thing. Care Bear Underwear. Since my daughter refuses to wear a diaper for more than 18 seconds I figured maybe we ought to start thinking potty (although I am typically not in a rush to potty train....I see it as a form of capital punishment on parents). And if I know Suzy, the best way to entice her is to offer her some sort of pay-off, typically in the form of a care bear. Hence my quest for care bear underwear (say that ten times're trying it aren't you?). So I search the isles of Target. We have Dora, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Minnie Mouse, Belle, flowers, hearts, butterflies and polka care bears. In fact, you can't find care bear underwear anywhere except for ebay. Oh yes, I forgot, you CAN indeed find it at you are a teenage girl. That's right, they have care bear underwear for teens but NOT for toddlers. Next I suppose they will be selling 3T Budweiser boxers? And the underwear on ebay (aside from the fact that I would be buying underwear on ebay...they are in package but still) are like $8 after shipping for a package of 3. I think I'll just buy her some white panties and put care bear stickers on them.
On a VERY happy note, I did find my favorite raspberry flavored hershey kisses at Target. They are only out at Valentine's Day and I have only been able to find them at Target. They are beyond amazing and guess what? 75% off!! Of course at check out the lady informed me that today they go on sale for 90% off. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're having a BOY!!!

We had the ultrasound. Everything looks AMAZING!! Our little man looks just perfect and plump! He is a few days ahead of schedule so my due date is now July 27th. We are so excited to meet little Nathan Edward Ramsey!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Nervous

I have been such an atrocious apologies. I don't have much time. New Beginnings is tomorrow (our annual Young Women's gathering for Church). I have about 30 little boxes to label for the girls. Gavin has his 100th day of school tomorrow (minus the 5 HE missed last week due to the icky flu we have had weaving around the family) and so I have 100 M&M's to count out. So I am short on time but everyone is alive, everyone is well (mostly) and tomorrow I have an ultrasound. YIKES!! I am very nervous about it. I have been feeling tiny little nudges and things SEEM to be progressing normally but I am always anxious about the baby. I guess that is to be expected. We might be able to see a gender tomorrow if baby behaves. At this point our family is just praying for a healthy little one. Any prayers and/or guesses on gender are welcome!! :)