Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Nervous

I have been such an atrocious blogger...my apologies. I don't have much time. New Beginnings is tomorrow (our annual Young Women's gathering for Church). I have about 30 little boxes to label for the girls. Gavin has his 100th day of school tomorrow (minus the 5 HE missed last week due to the icky flu we have had weaving around the family) and so I have 100 M&M's to count out. So I am short on time but everyone is alive, everyone is well (mostly) and tomorrow I have an ultrasound. YIKES!! I am very nervous about it. I have been feeling tiny little nudges and things SEEM to be progressing normally but I am always anxious about the baby. I guess that is to be expected. We might be able to see a gender tomorrow if baby behaves. At this point our family is just praying for a healthy little one. Any prayers and/or guesses on gender are welcome!! :)


Jenny said...

Do you want me to watch your kiddos tomorrow while you go get your ultrasound? Let me know! :) I'm happy to!

Terri said...

Duh well this just answered my question I emailed you about! My days are getting ahead of me I guess. Good luck with the ultrasound. Tell Gavin have fun on 100 day. I am sending 100 mini marshmallows for Makayla.

Robins Fam said...

Congrats, Gavin! Congrats, Jen!! Congrats Ramseys!! I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. Our prayers and thoughts are always with you!!! Miss you tons!