Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things Change and Stay the Same

Five things that I loved before I had children, that I don't love anymore:
1. Sleeping late
2. Scary movies
3. Buttery popcorn
4. Logo shirts
5. Road trips

Five things that I still love, even after having children:
1. Playing loud music in the car
2. Dessert
3. Inflatable slides
4. Good books
5. Hanging out with my husband

Five things that I love BECAUSE I have children:
1. The way a two-year-old says "delicious"
2. Family access public bathrooms
3. Dirty feet
4. The smell of grass, sunscreen and baby wash all mixed together
5. School plays


Dayne said...

Road trips? Really?

Stacy Aldridge said...

love it! I still love loud music in my car too...but my teenagers get really annoyed when I pull up to their school like that! haha

Bronwynn said...

What a fun list. Thanks to this post, I have started thinking about my own list. Road trips alone with Ryan, so fun. With Grace, NOT fun. You taking a road trip to Iowa would be fun for me!! I am surprised you don't like sleeping late. Buttery popcorn, now why not that??

Jenny Ramsey said...

Bronwynn, i guess it's not that i don't like sleeping late, i just seriously CANNOT. even if mike takes the kids, i am wide awake by 8 am. haha.
as for the popcorn, buttery makes me sick now. i like the homestyle kind.
Dayne, i used to like road trips (our out west venture-o-fun does not count) but i do NOT like road trips anymore.

Amanda K. said...

i would like an explanation of the logo shirts.
and now that i have a baby, i LOVE things i only sort of liked air conditioning. and automatic locks. and automatic sliding doors. and wearing my hair in a ponytail for 5 days straight.

Jenny Ramsey said...

Amanda, I just feel like (now that I have five kids)I am too mature (read:old) to be wearing American Eagle logo shirts.
Amen to the AC, automatic doors and pony tails! :)

Mike Ramsey said...

We won't talk about the kind of music you blare in the car now will we! I love spending time with you too, even if it is on a long road trip. that might be the only good part of it though. Great list and I love you.


Anonymous said...

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