Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Almost Bad Word

Today our family went to Walmart. In all honesty, if there is ANY place that could bring a swear word to my would probably be Walmart. But today, I was not the offender. Today, it was Gavin.
We were all together, Mom with a cart of Easter basket goodies (well, a few anyway, apparently the economy has hit the Easter Bunny too)and Dad was pushing the cart with three little blonde children.
As we are leaving the area with all the toys the boys had been asking (also begging, pleading and bartering their souls) for a spiderman video game that you plug into the television. We, of course, had to turn them down, much to their total despair. As we were walking away from the game out it came..."SUCK".
Mike froze, I froze, we all froze.
Mike was the first to respond.
"Gavin what did you say?"
"SUCK!Suck, Suck, Suck!!!"
"Gavin Michael Ramsey, you know that we do NOT say that word. It is not nice."
"What word?"
(Insert Mike's loud gulp) "Suck. It isn't a nice word and we don't say it."
"But daddy, I didn't say that!" At this point his little eyes are so wide and innocent. And we now remember that Gavin sometimes has difficult pronouncing certain sounds like "tr" and "ch" and "th".
"Okay Gavin, show me what you are talking about."
He gently leads us over to the toy isle pointing happily to a row of CHALK. :)


Robins Fam said...

That was a close one! What to do when a real word comes out??? Ahhh...motherhood!

Jenny said...

Too funny! I was gonna say, that doesn't sound like something Gavin would say!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Good save, Gavin! haha :)