Friday, April 24, 2009

All in a 5 Minute Window

Ever watch the show 24? I hate it but my husband loves it. I usually watch 35 seconds and then go to bed so I am quite familiar with how the show starts. Keiffer Sutherland comes on in his oh-so-manly and mysterious voice and says: "the following takes place between 9am and 10am" (or whatever time it may be). So, imagine me speaking in Keiffer's voice...or maybe just imagine him get the point. Ehem, here we go:
The following takes place between 1:40pm and 1:45pm.......
The location, the Ramsey kitchen (and also bathroom).
The kids have been fed lunch AND a snack.
"Caeden, Suzy are you hungry?"
Mom begins to make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
Enter Caeden..."I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, cut up like dinosaurs."
"Okay buddy."
Enter Suzy...."Mommy, I need to go potty!!!!"
Run to potty.
Caeden- "Mommy, I want some apple juice."
"Hang on, I'm helping Suzy, I'll be right there."
Suzy- "Mommy leave, close the door." okay.
Caeden- "Mommy.....I want some apple juuuuuuuice!!!!"
"Caeden, the apple juice isn't ready yet." Note frozen can of apple juice concentrate on counter.
Caeden- "But I'm thirstyyyyyyyyyyyy."
"Caeden, get some ice water and the apple juice will be ready soon."
Suzy- "Mommy, I'm done and I need a towel!"
Help Suzy get a towel and wipe the bottom...wash hands...back to Caeden.
Caeden- "But I can't get the ice!!!" Get Caeden's ice.
Caeden- "I want to get the water." Let Caeden get the water...the same way he COULD have gotten the ice.
Resume making sandwhiches.
"Suzy, do you want a sandwhich?"
Suzy- "No."
Finish sandwhiches.
Suzy- "Mommy, I want a sandwhich."
Start making Suzy a sandwhich.
Suzy- "My underwear are backwards!!!!" Turn Suzy's underwear right side out and give them back to her.
Resume making Suzy a sandwhich.
Caeden- "Mommy, I spilled my water!! My pants are cold!!!!" Help Caeden get his cold, wet pants off and pick up the ice.
"Suzy do you want your sandwhich cut in dinosaurs, like Caeden's?"
Suzy- "Yes."
Cut Suzy's sandwhich.
Suzy- "I don't want it cut up!!!!"

Is it time for bed yet?? :)


Robins Fam said...

Oh, the wonderful life of motherhood. You make it sound so glamorouse, Jen! If only those hollywood moms with nannies knew what they were missing out on!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I love the whole "24" parallel. Those secret agent FBI guys have it easy. :P

Terri said...

LOL that was told great! I love the 24 reference.

Dunstan Family said...

haha sounds like my house at lunch time everyday... nap time can't get here fast enough...