Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marvelous March Recap

#1- Baby Nathan is on the move!! He is CRAWLING!
#2- Gavin is in his 4th season of soccer- team U7 Germany!
#3- Caeden is registered for KINDERGARTEN!!!!
#4- Mike won a sales contest at work...including a really kicking prize! :)
#5- Suzy was picked several times for being reverent in Primary (yes, Primary, not nursery...but PRIMARY)!!
#6- New Moon was released (sorry, had to include it)!
#7- Awesome visit from the Perkins!
#8- Amy and Andrew had their baby!!! Welcome Violet!

**now it's your turn!! leave a comment with exciting things that happened for you this month! terri...i know you have one!!! ;)


Elisabeth A. said...

I can't wait until May. Then I'll pretty much have the most exciting news EVER!!!!! Love you so much!! :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Love your list!

We got to see you! That was fun! Would have been even better if we'd had time to go to Brusters. darn it.

Soccer has been pretty exciting here too. Just put a post up about it last night. She is SO cute in her little uniform & you've got to check out the cleats. :)

Jenny said...

As we were leaving church this last Sunday, Mike asked Aaron what song he learned in nursery that day. I was delighted when Aaron said, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, mama!" So cute! I think that was the highlight of my month, along with watching Grant progress! Oh, and getting called to serve in Young Women's with all of you beautiful ladies! :)

Terri said...

Me Terri or another Terri? Brandon turned a year old! That happened way too fast! It is bitter sweet.

I love your list also.

Jenny Ramsey said...

of course YOU terri!!!!! happy birthday to brandon!!

Terri said...

Thanks Jenny! Love ya girl!!!

Justin said...

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