Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half Way!!

We are now half-way with the pregnancy and so far, so good! It's so exciting to get to this point. For one thing, it's a pregnancy milestone for any woman, half way done is half way done after all. For me, it's also a special milestone. The first baby that we lost was at 20 weeks, so I feel like once I pass that point I start to relax (a little bit). :)
I'm so thankful to be pregnant and to have things be going so smoothly. I'm enjoying every day that I get to carry our sweet little boy.


Kelli said...

YAY for Half Way!!! (See my little rhyme there? Am I clever or what? haha!)

Jill Swigert said...

Jenny ... I figured it out! This is so fun! Wonderful blog!!!

Jill Swigert said...

HALF WAY POINT ACCOMPLISHED!! Mission full speed ahead!

Bronwynn B Swigert said...

Hey Maggie, I would totally pick pancakes too! But I thought your other name was Frances!

So I totally love your blog. Mine needs a facelift.