Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sugar and Cinnamon and Donuts, OH MY!

So today started out a little frustrating. I tried to run a few errands, which ended up taking me much longer than I had planned, and sadly were less fruitful than I had hoped. Not to mention, we have been passing around a little head cold so I just haven't been feeling too spunky.
After I got home and had lunch and got the little ones settled for naps, it started raining. Not raining like "I might need an umbrella" raining, but more raining like "I might need a paddle boat". Then it started thundering...a lot. Again, not the mild, gentle, rumbling kind of thunder, but the scary kind. All in all, I started to feel that urge that I always start to feel around this time of year, the urge to hibernate. Basically I want to crawl into a space in my house and hide...hide with food...good food...buttery, warm, soft, chewy food...like donuts.
Well, why put off to tomorrow what you can eat today? I broke out the donut maker and cooked up these little beauties.

Mini pumpkin donuts...genius! These guys are so sweet and soft and they are baked instead of deep fried, which makes them a little healthier, unless of course you dip them in butter and then roll them around in sugar and cinnamon like I did. But it's so worth it and we are hibernating after all. You can find the recipe here:


Enjoy! I certainly did. Oh...and good luck not eating the entire plate in one sitting.


Dayne said...

While they look delicious- a chocolate pie would be much better. Can you do something about that and then bring it to me? K, thanks!

Jessica said...

Those look SO yummy!!! If I drive down there will you make some just for me? That I don't have to share?!??!?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Oh.my.goodness. You know how I feel about these donuts. I need a donut maker. Where did you get yours?

p.s. love the "need a paddle boat" description. hahaha ;)

Jenny Ramsey said...

Kelli, i got it at Target.