Friday, September 23, 2011

Dare to Dream

Last night Suzy and I got to go on our second annual trip to see the Disney Princesses on Ice "Dare to Dream". I can't even tell you how much we have been looking forward to it. I bought tickets months ago (firstly so that I could get us good seats and secondly so that I could use the tickets as bribery to get Suzy to behave. If you don't bribe your kids you should really try it sometime.)and we have been anxiously awaiting this day ever since.

This year was even more special because we got to go with some friends of ours. I remember being little and being able to go to see shows with my mom and best friends. There is something about being with a girlfriend that just amplifies the excitement of an like a thousand. We had two very happy little girls...two very happy mamas too!

So, a few highlights from the show. First, I think it is a gross mis-justice the way that these skaters are represented. It is always depicted that the performers in these shows are the ones who are past their prime for professional skating. Kind of like, this show is for skaters who didn't make it in the big league, type of thing. This is utterly ridiculous. There were hundreds of people in that stadium last night and I didn't see a single one without a smile on their face...not too shabby a career if you ask me. Basically, I think they have the coolest job ever.

Next, one of the coolest things about last night had to be our seats. We went all out and got front row in, I could literally reach my foot out and touch the ice. I am not even kidding. We were also in the corner, so when the skaters did their little dances on the platform they were right in front of us...AND...Prince Naveen (of Maldonia) winked at me. I know what you're thinking..."he could have been winking at anyone"...but just trust me, he looked right at me and he winked. That's the story. Evidently this old girl has still got it, eh? I even texted Brother Ramsey to tell him about it. I may have also asked him if he would wear frog tights for me...he said "no". Oh well.

So here is my advice about Disney on Ice, if you haven't gone, you really, really, REALLY need to. Is it worth the money? TOTALLY! Is it worth the extra money to sit up close? EVERY PENNY! Put aside $10 every month and get the good tickets, I promise you won't regret it. Don't expect Naveen to wink at you though...he might still be pining over me. It hurts me to break his heart but come on, I'm a happily married woman.

A few things you might want to take with you? A snack, because you will get hungry and unless you want to spend $30 on concessions, you will stay that way. I watched one guy walk up to the cotton candy vendor and ask if he could get a different bag because the one he bought (for $12) was mostly air and had very little cotton candy. The vendor refused and told the man that "they are all like that", which was true. Oh yeah, be prepared for those vendors too...there are about seventy five of them within a ten square foot space and they swarm over you with their glowing swing sticks and princess crowns and good-smelling popcorn because they know that you want your sweet princess to have all those nice princessy things. Twits. Aside from food, you might also want to take a sweater, it is ice after all.

Oh, and when you leave, don't put your trash on the floor. That's rude. Throw it in a trash can so that I don't step in it. Gross.

Seriously though, it was so much fun and we fully intend to go again next year. It is a tradition worth keeping. I didn't have my camera but my friend is going to send some pictures. Once I get them I will post them. Note: Fussing at me will not get you your pictures any faster.


Robins Fam said...

so fun! Glad you got a girls night out with friends and princesses and a cute winking prince!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Prince Naveen, huh? That's too funny. I'd have my eye on Flynn Ryder personally...however you spell it. hahaha :) Sounds like you ladies had a BALL!!! Catch that pun? Disney princesses - go to a ball - get it? I'm so clever, I know. :)