Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goings On

You all know those awesome bloggers right? The ones with the adorable photos, the clever stories, the entertaining yet still thought-provoking life lessons? We all know at least one person who has an adorable blog, who journals daily (insert Bronwynn/loser sneeze)...those ones who make the rest of us look lame and boring? You know these bloggers right? Well, I am not one of them. I realize it's been forever since I last posted. I'm sure I could conjure up a good excuse if I wanted to expend that kind of energy...wait for it...keep waiting...nope, never mind, I've got nothing.

It's been a busy summer. I can't remember half of what has happened thus far, but here are a few highlights:

1. Gavin turned EIGHT! I can't even tell you how awesomely surreal it is to have an eight-year-old. He's so grown up and so independent, he might as well be twenty. Along with turning eight came two big events. First, he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What an amazing event. There really are no words. It was such a beautiful day. :) Secondly, he is now in cub scouts. He was able to attend a week of "twilight camp" and he LOVED it! He even earned his first patch. :)

2. Suzy turned FIVE! Today is actually her fifth birthday. I just can't believe it. I am taking a few minutes off from cleaning up in preparation for her "Tangled" birthday party. For those who are familiar with this movie, you understand the desire to have it be the theme for a birthday party (no matter what age you might be). For those who have not seen it, turn off the computer, drive to the video store immediately and rent it. Cutest movie! Our whole family loves it. We are excited to decorate paper lanterns and enjoy some yummy treats. In true "Tangled" fashion, "I had a dream once"...I dreamt of making this fantastic, praise-worthy tower cake. It was beyond fabulous. Truly. Princess Suzy, however, had other plans. She wants pink cupcakes. is her birthday after all and who am I to crush a little girl's dreams? I am not even the slightest bit relieved to be making plain pink cupcakes instead of a hugely involved tower cake when I'm 8 months pregnant...nope, not one bit. Okay fine, maybe a LITTLE relieved.

3. I am in the home stretch. About 4 weeks to go. I will most likely be scheduling an induction tomorrow so it might even be a little closer to 3 weeks. We shall see. Either way, Little Red Ramsey #5 will be joining us soon!

Now, since I know you are all wanting pictures (yes, even I have a soul), here are a few from this month. :)

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Bronwynn said...

Can't believe Suzy turned 5. She was about 3 months old when I first met you. You and your family look gorgeous. Gavin is all grown up. Loved the pictures! We are missing it all. Happy Birthday Suzy!