Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Hall of Fame

In celebration of April Fool's I was reflecting on last year, when I was definitely fooled severely. So here is the breakdown of the scenario: Key players: -Jen -Bronwynn -Mike -Ryan Settings: Jen and Bronwynn are at Bronwynn's house. Mike is working and Ryan is at the dental clinic working with patients. Important back story: Jen is slated to be Ryan's dental board's patient in about 10 days. For those not familiar with dental school processes, this is a HUGE deal. It takes thousands of dollars for the students to take their boards, the patient must have very specific kinds of cavities, and if their patient doesn't show up...well, they lose their money and have to take it again later. Need less to say, finding a perfect patient who is reliable=majorly big deal. Part 1: Jen and Bronwynn decide it would be funny to prank Ryan and tell him that Jen can't be his boards patient because she's pregnant (she is not pregnant at this time). Knowing that neither of them can lie, they enlist the help of Mike. So they call Mike and ask him to call Ryan and tell Ryan the pregnancy story. Part 2: Jen talks to Mike about an hour later and their conversation goes something like this: Jen- "How did Ryan react to the pregnancy story?" Mike- "Oh you know Ryan, he was super nice about it. He just said it was awesome and congratulations and not to worry about boards, etc." Jen- "What did he say when you told him it was April fools?" Mike- "I didn't tell him." Jen- "What?" Mike- "He seemed so relaxed about it that I figured I'd let it ride for a little while." Jen- Freaks out, yells a little in a panicked way and expresses the importance of Mike telling Ryan it was a joke so that Ryan doesn't start looking for another patient. Mike agrees and says he will call Ryan. Bronwynn and Jen call answer. Mike calls answer but Mike leaves a message. Part 3: Jen goes home. Meanwhile, Ryan comes home and has the following conversation with Bronwynn: Bronwynn- "So did you get your phone call from Mike?" Ryan- "Oh yeah, about the baby?" Bronwynn- "No, the second one." Ryan- ..... Bronwynn- "It was an April fool's joke, Jen isn't pregnant." Ryan- "What?!?! She isn't pregnant? I didn't get a second phone call. I just paid someone $150 to take Jen's place!" Ryan continues to yell about how mad he is. Part 4: Bronwynn calls Jen and they have the following conversation: Bronwynn- "Jen, this is not an April fool's joke. Ryan didn't get Mike's message and he paid someone to take your place and he is super mad." Jen- "Why are you whispering?" Bronwynn- "I'm in the bathroom. Jen I have NEVER seen Ryan so upset. He's really ticked off at Mike for not telling him." Jen starts crying while Bronwynn continues to freak out in the bathroom. Then comes a knock on the bathroom door. Bronwynn opens and it's Ryan. Ryan: "APRIL FOOLS!!!!" The breakdown: Mike decided not to prank Ryan...he decided to turn the prank on us. So he and Ryan orchestrated the whole thing and Bronwynn and I ended up with 7 new grey hairs and 2 fewer years in our life expectancy.


Bronwynn B Swigert said...

Oh Jen. That totally makes me laugh this year, but I did feel my blood pressure going up just reading it. Brings back all the emotion I felt in the bathroom!

Terri said...

Oh no! LOL

Jill Swigert said...

This is a classic, Jen! I remember hearing about it and doubling over!! I can just see, in my mind, Bronwynn crouching in the bathroom with the door closed, whispering to you over the phone. This TOTALLY sounds like Ryan's dad who you would never expect to prank on the level he is capable of. I am a prankster as well, so Ryan never had a chance! He just found a great friend to wickedly plot and plan with him.