Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should I Lie?

So this morning I am in the bathroom doing..well, bathroom things. :) And I hear a little voice....(not in my head, it was Suzy).
"Mommy?? Where aaaare youuuuuuuu?"
And I found myself at a crossroads. I know lately she has been getting a little nervous if she doesn't know where I am. So here are my options:
#1- I can call back to her, ease her fears and just let her come find me and oogle over whatever I have left in the toilet. Also should I choose this option I am sure she will ask me a thousand questions: "Mommy, what are you doing?" "Are you going pee pee?" "Are you going poo poo?" "Can I see?"
#2- I can just not say anything at all. I can let her run around and continue to call for me and then begin hysterics after about the fourth time of me not answering. Still not a peaceful potty-going experience but at least she's not in there with her big blue eyes staring at me.
#3- I could lie. I could tell her I'm upstairs and just prolong the panic. It will take her a minute to get upstairs and look around and figure out that I'm not really there. Of course, the downside (aside from the shame of openly deceiving a two year old) is that once she realizes I'm not where I said I was, the true cardiac arrest type panic will set in and it might take a good twenty minutes of cuddling to undo the damage.
So there I sat, at the crossroads of the lou. Sigh...."I'm in the bathroom Suzy."

*At least she's adorable! :)

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