Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bringing Me Back

Yesterday I had a fun experience with the kids. It has been a long week, a little stressful, a little tiring. The kids had been quarelling all day long and I was just feeling a little bit "done". :) Well so I am sitting on the couch with Suzy and she keeps trying to pull my shirt up so she can look at my "beeeeg bewwy!" So then Caeden and Gavin come running over to stare at the humongous tummy and ask me questions...."Mommy, is baby Nathan getting even bigger?" "Is your tummy itchy?" "Is your belly button going to fall off?" So then Gavin asks the question, "Can I feel him? Is he kicking?" At the time he wasn't so I suggested that the boys bring me a little cup of lemonade and we would see if that would wake him up. So they ran and got me a cup and I drank it down and within a minute the baby was bouncing all over the place. The kids were extatic! They had so much fun just watching my tummy move around and feeling the kicks. For a few minutes no one was fighting, no one was crying, everyone was sitting there together and just happy and excited. It was just another one of those experiences that reminded me that no matter what stresses life might present, I am so blessed to be a mother and a wife. Love conquers all! :)

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katie said...

that is so true!! Glad you are doing well!!