Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Family Vacation!!!!

Boy oh boy do we need it! Even the kids are feeling the pressure these days. Who can blame them? These are troubling times! Nothing solves the burdens of life like a little R&R!
Since it was a gorgeous day yesterday the kids and I were out playing in the yard until dark. Just before the sun went down my boys came running up to ask me and Mike if we could go on a trip.
Oh here we do you explain being broke to a 5 and 3 (almost 4...sniffle, sniffle) year old?
"Yes, we can go on a trip someday." There we go, that should appease them for now. Will they allow me to escape with that oh-so-vague answer?
To my utter astonishment, the grins emerge and the giggles and squeals of delight erupt. My jaw drops, eyes bulge from my head and these two little blondies have my full and undivided attention. What exactly is going on in those little heads?
"Can we go up to the clouds?!?!?" Smiling as if they are tree sloths at Mattress King they repeat themselves....."Can we go? Can we go to the clouds?"
My first thoughts turn to an airplane. They want to go on an airplane? Oh great, more to explain!!!
But they look so excited so we just have to ask, "What are you talking about boys??"
They turn and grab something off the railing on our deck and come running back to us.
"Daddy, Mommy, if this grows into a giant beanstalk can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeease go up to the clouds? Will you please, please, please go with us?!?"
"Oh believe me soon as that grows into a giant beanstalk we will most definitely go with you to the clouds!!"


Terri said...

LOL that is cool. If it grows to the clouds I am coming to take a trip also.

Robins Fam said...

Kids amaze me! That is awesome how their little minds work!

Lawerence B. Vestal said...

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