Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Do Wish I Didn't Cry So Much

Just like Alice floating in a sea of her own tears...."I do wish I hadn't cried so much!" You know, people say a lot of positive things about "criers"...those prone to emotional response, like myself.

Myth #1- They are more sensitive.
While this may be true to some extent, it isn't really the sensitivity that is's the control. It's not that I am more compassionate, loving, etc. than anyone's that I totally lack any control over my emotions. I feel it coming and am simply powerless to stop it in its tracks....this is why I wasn't made a bug. The first time someone cut their lawn I'd be a goner...I'd sit there and stare at it and then just cry as it chopped me into bits.

Myth #2- Crying removes impurities from your body.
If this were REALLY true.....I would never have to go to the bathroom.....EVER.

Myth #3- It's cute when you cry.
There really is no getting around this's just a lie! At the very least, it is a lie when it comes to yours truly. I shrivel up, turn beat red and splotchy and my eyes puff up like mangos.

Myth #4- You can cry yourself out.
I never run out of tears. I never dry up. I will eventually cut myself off or I will force myself to sleep to end the onslaught of flooding but I can quickly resume upon waking. If you don't believe me...ask Mike. I cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, frustrated, worried, PMS, DMS, AMS....I never stop.

So all that can be deducted from this is that crying serves no good purpose to those who cannot contain themselves. I am so out of luck.


hizbeccabutterfly said...

I totally understand this blog...and love it! Karrin says I'm one of those people who just gets "wet" when I'm angry...meaning I cry for everything! Angry tears, sad tears, happy tears...ugh.

Robins Fam said...

Well, at least your eyes puff up like mangos - the best fruit ever! They could puff up like ugly fruit or something really terrible like porcupines. Ouch! Hang in there, Jen. I hope you know you're loved always...not because of or despite of your ever flowing tears! Because you are a wonderful person and friend. Control is way over rated anyway!