Friday, November 28, 2008

The Lucky 7 Post....Thanks Terri!!

7 things I can do...

1. I can ride horses
2. I can read....pretty fast too
3. I can eat massive amount of junk in one sitting
4. I can scratch any place on my back with one arm or the other
5. I can sing all the words to Vanilla Ice (ya know, "ice, ice baby")
6. I can tie a bow
7. I can sleep virtually anywhere and under most any condition so long as it is after 10pm

7 things I can't do...

1. I can't walk without tripping
2. I can't eat without spilling food on myself
3. I can't do a cart wheel
4. I can't speak French
5. I can't stand the smell of seafood
6. I can't touch my nose with my tongue
7. I can't look at blood

7 things that attract me to Mike...

1. His hotness
2. His hotness....okay, sorry, i get distracted....his kindness
3. His love for the gospel
4. His love for me and the kids
5. His generosity
6. His work ethic and willingness to sacrifice for his family
7. His....oh dang, HE IS HOT!!!!!

7 things I say most often...

1. What do you want sweetie??
2. Boys, that's enough!
3. 1...2...3... (so there with you Terri)
4. Holy Smokes, Holy Crow, Holy Moly, Gee Willikers....other such things
5. I love you ____.
6. Are you serious??
7. Are you okay???

7 Celebrity Admiration's...

1. Reese Witherspoon
2. Entire cast of Twilight
3. Martina McBride
4. Morgan Freeman
5. Stephenie Meyer (I think she has handled fame so well)
6. Andrew Lloyd Weber
7. The late Heath Ledger

7 favorite foods...

1. Chocolate
2. Cookies
3. Ice Cream
4. Broccoli (i know, seems so out of place doesn't it?)
5. Mini corn dogs (i love em)
6. most anything italian
7. vinegar

7 people I tag...

No one reads my blog anymore so whoever reads this...I tag you!!


Maddy said...

i read your blog jen... :)

Jenny Ramsey said...

thanks girl! :)

Terri said...

Awesome read. It is nice to learn more about my friends.

Jenny said...

I read your blog too :) I think you're witty and clever!
Love ya!

hizbeccabutterfly said...

Fun Survey....definitely gonna post this sometime this week....

Carol said...

I love your blog Jen! I can't walk without tripping either and I can ride horses too! Too bad wre not really rich-we could own our own barn or something. Anyway, thanks for writing a comment on my blog. Love you!

Dunstan Family said...

I read your blog too..

Kelli @ writing the waves said...


The Milton Family said...

Jen, your blog touches me and helps me feel parts of my heart that are numb most of the time in this crazy world. Thanks. I love you.~Ginny

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