Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hickety Spickety

I love the Disney version of "The Sword in the Stone". LOVE it. One of my favorite parts is where Merlyn washes all the dishes with his magic assembly line. I would make brownies for Merlyn every day for the rest of my life if he would come do that in my kitchen. I digress. We might not have a wand but we have discovered a fun, and slightly magical, way to mop the floor.

First blow bubbles all over the kitchen. You do know what bubbles are made of right? SOAP! Yippee!

Then dance and crawl around to get all those bubbles spread out all over the kitchen.

Then mop up the floor with the swiffer. Wah-lah! All in a day's work.


Kelli said...

Can you please send your cute kids up my way? My floor could use a cleanin'! :)

This post just made me miss you and your kiddos even MORE!

Kelli said...

p.s. Abby and Noah just watched Sword and the Stone just the other day for the first time! :)

Jenny Ramsey said...

we have the old VHS tape (mine when i was growing up...THAT old) and they like to watch it on Sunday after church. i love that movie!

Julie Ramsey said...

You always find such fun ways to play with the kids. I love it!!!!!

Bronwynn said...

So fun! Gracie loves bubbles so I am going to put her to work! I think we need a play date to watch Sword and the Stone. Come to Iowa soon please.

dawnc said...

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