Friday, March 30, 2012

For the Beauty of the Earth

For a husband who makes root beer for my fundraiser, and brownies for my friends, and changes his schedule to be home when I need him, and gets up at 5:30 with the baby so I can sleep, and tells me he loves me even when I'm cranky, and who is in all ways and times better than I will ever be.
For children who are healthy and smart and loving and funny and LAUGH-OUT-LOUD-FUNNY, and kind to other, and talented, and mine.
For family members who teach me and support me, even in stupid things that probably don't warrant any support.
For friends who love me even though they are all cooler than I am and even though I'm not always a great friend back.
For a home and a car (with automatic sliding doors) and food and my spot on the couch that has a dent from my bum sitting in it for extended periods of time.
For the people in my life who talk me out of my nonsense, who encourage me to write, who tell me I'm good at things (even if they lie, I think it's okay), who make me laugh and who share in my trials and triumphs and who are my "village".
For the dumb dog and the lazy cat.
For chocolate and ice cream and sparkly things and all things feminine and lovely.
For a Heavenly Father who knows me and knows my needs. Who is patient and loves me and pulls me through my every day.
For a Savior who gave His life so that I can live without being afraid of my imperfection.
For a gospel that guides me and fills my life with the best things.
For all things that testify of Christ.

Lord of all to Thee, I raise, this my hymn of grateful praise.


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

THIS is why you are beautiful writer, Jen! :)

p.s. I really think you should write non-fiction ... :) (Obviously you are good at both, but the world really needs some great non-fiction writers. I think you fit the bill.)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

For an awesome friend who appreciates the sweet things in life, who is a wonderful friend, amazing mother, talented writer/cook/baker/artist and who I wish lived right around the corner from me. Love you girl!

Jenny Ramsey said...

ya'll are gonna make me emotional!

butterflybecca said...

I just love your blog...and you. I'm so thankful to have you as a friend.

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