Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Top 5 Reasons That I am Pro-Life

I try to keep the controversial, serious stuff off my family blog. I like the blog to be fun and cute-sy. But this is an issue that has been weighing heavily on my heart recently. I think we sometimes take the issue of having children and try to make it all about us. We think of it as something that should fit into our plan. But our plan is not THE plan. A good friend of mine recently pointed out to me that Adam and Eve did not have children in the Garden of Eden. We so often wait for the timing to be perfect. We want the right job, the right education, the right home. We want to travel first, etc. But we are not in the garden. It is never going to be easy and perfect. But it isn't really about us is it? It's about them. And so, with that having been said, I would like to share my top five reasons why I am Pro-Life:


loves video games, reads 1-2 grade levels ahead, is in the 5th percentile for his size so we call him Peter Parker, gets up early and makes breakfast for everyone so his mom & dad can sleep, writes letters to the mail man, climbs trees, has freckles on his nose, is turning 9 years old in June, will change the world


loves to draw, is the champion of the "what" game, puts plastic spiders in my bed to scare me, takes tae kwon do, loves snakes, is "team jacob" because he loves wolves, opens doors for ladies, laughs with his whole body, can eat more spaghetti than anyone i know, looks like his dad, sleeps with his star blanket, will change the world


gives the best hugs in the world, loves dogs and cats, likes to sing, goes to see "princesses on ice" with her mom every year, doesn't like nail polish, loves to hold her baby brother, wears her pink boots almost every day, wants to be a fisherman when she grows up, is a super picky eater, doesn't cry when she gets a shot, will change the world


likes scooby doo, smears toothpaste on the mirror, loves to eat tomatoes, calls his daddy "papa", makes at least 15 messes a day, makes his mom smile at least 100 times a day, his best friend calls him "mayfin", sucks his thumb, throws tantrums, gives puppy kisses, is spoiled rotten, is a miracle baby, will change the world


is a sweet little nugget, doesn't sleep well at night, pulls himself up to stand at 7 months, eats everything he can find on the floor, looks like the red angry bird when he scowls, loves to snuggle, hates bananas, pulls hair, has a smile that lights up a room, was almost named Beckham, chases the vacuum, will change the world


Terri said...

Love your post and love your kids. They will change the world. This post made me get all teary eyed. Love ya girl!

Jenny Ramsey said...

It Is really Amazing how well you can wrap up our Kids. I know that they could come up with as many reasons as to why you will change the World. Thank you For being the the best mother to my Children! I lOVE YOU. From MIKE Obviously, but I thought I would clarify since this is posting under Jens name

Bronwynn said...

This is such a tender and well written post Jen. I really can't believe how much they have all grown in the last 18 months. It may be hard, or even really hard at times, but totally worth it!

Kelli said...

How did I miss reading this before? Awesome post. Love those kids and love you!

Julie Ramsey said...

Jen, you are amazing!!! You are such a wonderful mom and Mike and the kids are so very blessed to have you!