Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well, I guess it will get out sooner or later......

We put off telling anyone for a bit, mostly because we know what you are all thinking...and you're right.
Yes, we are poor as church mice right now.
Yes, we are about a month away from baby number 4.
Yes, we already have our hands full.
No, we don't need one more but....what can we say? This little one really needed a good home. He came from a rough situation and while we don't have much by way of monetary things to offer, we have all the love (and dare I say, attention) that he needs.
So it is my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Ramsey family.
Don't worry Twilight lovers, you won't be disappointed because joining our cat, Alice, in the Ramsey pet wagon is........JASPER!


katie said...

What a cute little kitty!! Alice and Jasper, I love it!! I am glad things are going well for you.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

My kids would be so jealous, but we are still sticking with the fish. :)

Anonymous said...

You my darling, are ridiculous. But I still love you.

Fenton Family Journal said...

hahaha. I freaking love yall.