Monday, July 9, 2012

No sense in Nonsense

We protect this:

And them:

Oh, and their next geneartion:

But not him. He isn't protected:                                                                                                                

We oppose the killing of adults convicted of crimes, including murderers, rapists, thieves:                 

She, however...well, she may be innocent but her death is acceptable:

We convinct him of double homicide in the death of his wife and UNBORN child:

We call him an advocate for women's rights by allowing women to abort their unborn babies:        

When someone's heart stops, we declare them dead:                                                                        

But if their heart is beating, it doesn't make them alive:                                                                   

Does this make sense? No, I didn't think so.
Either human life matters, or it doesn't.


Elisabeth A. said...

You're right Jenny! All it is, is nonsense. How can it be "your body" when your body does not have two beating hearts, four hands, two mouths, etc. Once there is a precious baby, your body is no longer your own, but shared with a little innocent life that you invited in. What a gift and a miracle to be able to create life.

Amanda K. said...

Jenny, today I saw a commercial trashing Mitt Romney because of his abortion voting record. About how he wants to overturn roe v wade, how he wants to cut off funding for planned parenthood, how he thinks abortion is wrong for any reason. It was paid for someone like citizens for Obama or something. After seeing it I thought, "wow. nothing has made me want to vote for romney more than this ad."

Jenny Ramsey said...

Amanda, I have seen that ad and I felt the exact same way! I have never forgotten what you said in a discussion about this once. You said that we keep treating this as a "women's rights" issue and it isn't. It is a human rights issue!

Jenny said...

Well said, Jenny. I agree with you 100 percent! I appreciate your ability to articulate such profound thoughts. Thanks!

Bronwynn said...

You are absolutley right, and you have a gift for writing. All I can say is AMEN towhat everyone has said.- comments above. Life is precious and we are blessed as women to have the power to make more life. it is hard and sad to see this God given gift abused.

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