Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Life Fun

Parenting young children might be tricky at times, but this is such a wonderful age! This is the age where parents are cool! It is also the age where even very simple things can make a day "the best they've ever had". For example, yesterday the boys were out of school and we decided to take a trip to the mall and the bookstore and Target (three of their favorite places). To make this outing a little more exciting, I let the kids wear their Halloween costumes. They thought it was so fun getting to wear them out "just for fun" (the also didn't mind the attention they got from everyone telling them how cute they were).
So moms, what do you do to make your errands more fun? Do you take special treats to the store? Do your kids wear their pajamas? I would love to have more suggestions!! As a mom, I can't imagine anything being better than making every day "the best they've ever had"!

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Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I think it's awesome that you let them wear their costumes! How fun! I dread errands sometimes, but other times I try to create some "mastery moments" for the kids (Empowerment activity from Fishful Thinking). You give them little tasks to do - like at the grocery store, let them count three apples, put them in a bag, weigh them, etc...It take a little more time, but my kids really think it's cool to help with that kind of stuff.