Friday, July 2, 2010


We've been busy in the Ramsey home! Summer is the season of birthdays around here. We started off with mine on June 1, I turned 25....again.
Then we had Gavin, who turned 7 (and that one is for real). I can't believe how big he is! We had his birthday party at Pump it Up (inflatable play place) and followed with cupcakes. Of course, I totally forgot to take my camera (also the birthday party favors, the candles for the cupcakes, the permission forms for my kids...I DID remember all the kids, so I'm taking credit for that). Inspired by a friend, Gavin decided that this year, instead of gifts, he would collect donations of new books, puzzles and games to donate to the Children's Hospital of Richmond. The next week we went and dropped the "loot" off. Gavin was so excited and loved the "happy feelings" that he got when he did something good for someone else. The hospital sent Gavin a nice letter thanking him, which now resides on our "good news" board (see previous post).

Next came Suzy, who turned 4 this week! I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. We had a little Princess party for her on her birthday. Mike also has a tradition that began when she was 1. He gives her one rose for each year. This year, Suzy's favorite color has been purple. Mike found her 4 purple roses. She LOVES them!

Now we are taking a deep breath.....for two weeks, and then we have Nathan's birthday....followed three weeks later by Mike's. Yeah. Summer is definitely birthday season!

Ps. Sorry that the pictures are out of order.....I'm not skilled at this aspect of blogging.


Terri said...

aww Happy Birthday to everyone!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

How cool! I just told Abby that Gavin donated his gifts too. That's really awesome. And what a great addition to your good news board!

I'm glad the kiddos had such fun b'days. You are a brave mama doing the Pump it Up thing. I always leave that place with a head ache. haha :)

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