Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making the Most of it

A few months back my friend introduced me to a program called "Fishful Thinking". I will get the link on here as soon as I figure out how but until then...use your imagination! :) Part of the mission behind "Fishful Thinking" is to approach motherhood with creativity and positivity. I am strong believer in the power of positive thinking, a trait that was demonstrated to me by the women in my family. My mother, grandmother and my aunt are all amazing examples to me of positive thinking, even in very difficult times. In the face of tragedy and struggle these women took their lives by the horns and refused to be brought down. They all are great examples of positive mothering!
For my first (hopefully of many) "Fishful Thinking" posts I wanted to do a "Making the Most of Motherhood" segment. As mothers we often find ourselves in a time crunch. With so much time dedicated to our children it can sometimes be easy to neglect ourselves. For this week's installment I wanted to focus on sleep deprivation (perhaps because it's forefront in my mind lately). We may not always get the sleep we need but I want to know how my friends make the MOST of their sleep! I know for me, it's all about the bedroom. One thing I do to make the MOST of my sleep time is to make my bedroom my safe haven! I try to make that the room that is off limits to toys so at the end of the day I make sure that my kids take any toys out and put them in their rooms. I also like my bed to be nice and ready for me so I take an extra minute (it seriously only takes about one) in the morning to make the bed when I get up. I make sure that I wash the sheets often and I like to spray some linen spray on my pillows before bedtime. When the room is clean and inviting and smelling nice, I find it so much easier to relax and get some much needed, all be it interrupted, rest!
So I want to know what my friends do to make the most of their sleep time! Leave a comment or write your own "Fishful Thinking" post.
For more information on "Fishful Thinking" check out my mama-pal Kelli's blog at
Kelli I hope I did this right!!! :)


Jenny said...

What a GREAT idea, Jen! Once of you build a collection of these, you should totally publish them! I'm serious. And I will be checking your blog for tips on positive mothering. :)

As far as making the most of my sleep time, I am all about comfort and warmth when I'm asleep. I'm a nerd ... I wear fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas (flattering, I know!), and I crank up the electric blanket. I sleep so much sounder and better if I am warm (but not too warm of course.) Mike is a sweet husband and pre-heats the bed for me almost every night in the fall/winter months. When I climb into bed, it's nice and toasty for me. Ahh, I'm getting sleepy just thinking about my welcoming bed :)

p.s. The $100 for the electric blanket was a wonderful investment because it contributes to my sleep haven :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

YEA!!! So excited that you are going to do this with me! The Fishful Thinking site is Easy to remember, huh?
I wish I could offer some advice about getting enough sleep. I am so sleep deprived. Noah will not stay in his bed. UGH! Last night, Abby even got in the bed too. I'm at a loss...seriously. But I like your ideas about keeping your bedroom toy free, etc...I do fall asleep easier when our room is at least half clean. :P

The Milton Family said...

I just put up some darkening curtains that have helped me sleep a lot better, in the daylight hours I open them.
Also, I believe in not having a TV, computer or ANYTHING stressful at all in the bedroom. I heard that one time when I was having trouble sleeping. I put it into motion in our home and haven't had as many problems since.
Another thing (and maybe you mothers think I am psychotic)we don't allow our children to come just get into bed whenever they want. They don't sleep with us, if they are sick I make a place beside my bed. Of course we snuggle but not when I am resting my tired body. They only get up if they have to go potty and call us if they are sick or have a bad dream. So far this has worked for us. (Of course this doesn't apply to newborns.)

Amy and Andrew said...

wait i forgot you had two blogs!!! well check out our new blog!!

Dunstan Family said...

Great idea I will tune in for the website :)

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