Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Kid Quotes of the Week

Gavin (to a mannequin at Dick's Sporting Goods): "Next time I'm gonna come back and give you a kiss babe!"
Caeden (to me while waiting for Gavin to get off the bus, while watching the lawn guy cut and bag the grass..in a desperate attempt to rid our yard of the evil sticker weeds):
Caeden- "Why is that man here?"
Me- "He's cutting the grass."
Caeden- "Why?"
Me- "Well that's what he does. Like daddy cleans carpets for a job, Mr. Bruce cuts grass for a job."
Caeden- "Oh. Well, you should cut the grass mom."
Me- "Well I can't."
Caeden- "Why?"
Me- "Because I can't cut grass and hold baby Nathan at the same time."
Caeden- "Would baby Nathan get frustrated?"
Me- chuckle "Yes, he would."
Caeden- "Oh." pause "I love saying the word frustrated."
Suzy (to me with her stuffed pink kitty): "Mommy, do you want to pet my kitty? He's very nice. He don't bite. He tickles."
Nathan of course isn't saying much but he's smiling lots which is so fun! :)


Jenny said...

You are so cute Jen. I love your little stories, and your kids are hilarious!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

hahaha...that must have been one cute mannequin. :)

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