Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall is Here!!!

Thank goodness!! I have no more use for summer and it's cheery, sunshiney attitude. Bring on the cold and the rain and the gloom....BAH HUMBUG!!!!! What? Not convinced? Me neither but it was worth the shot!
I am truly a warm weather person, however, I feel a little betrayed by Summer 08. I had high hopes and let's face it, this wasn't my greatest fact, this has not been the greatest year. So here we go....while I am not usually a fan of cold or dark or all....let's give fall and winter the old college try huh? After all, I have absolutely no control in the matter...or any I am starting to find.
I thought I would give a few little updates on our family this fall. I'll start with the most important..and what everyone wants to hear about...the kids!!
Gavin is loving Kindergarten! He has really done so well and we are so proud of him. It's hard to believe how grown up he is! He is getting so excited for Halloween and for all the festivities of fall...this is one thing that has helped make the end of summer a bit more bearable.
Caeden is looking forward to his 4th birthday coming up in a few weeks! He is getting to be such a big boy and I really enjoy the time we have together every day. With Gavin in school and Suzy's blessed nap time, Caeden and I have had a little more time. It is very rewarding to sit down in the quiet and eat a pb&j with my adorable little boy. He too is looking forward to Halloween. It's going to be so fun!
Suzy is doing great. She is growing up so fast! Some of her latest and greatest things would have to be her new found LOVE...the Care Bears!! Remember them? Yeah, they are still mesmerizing children after all these years! I love it and she is just so cute singing along to the songs...."I wanna be a Care Bear! Oh I can't wait to be a Care Bear!" and so forth. My mother used to sing that song to me when I was little and loved Care Bears. She even made me a pink Care Bear costume to wear and we'd sit and sing the song. She even did the fun voices....I am sure she would have loved to make Suzy a costume and sing that song with her but I hope that my efforts to indulge Suzy's obsession are noted! :)
Along with Care Bears her favorite new phrase (well my favorite that she uses anyway) is "Can I hold you?" She says this when she wants to be carried somewhere (usually up or down stairs). Smart cookie! She realizes that "I'm lazy and want you to lug my beastly body around" is not a good seller. Her little plea to be loved is nothing if not endearing and convincing!
Mike is doing fine, working hard. He is looking forward to taking me to Disney World this really, he is.....well, he definitely WILL be when he finds out that's what he is doing! :)
And last, least and certainly less interesting is ME!! Me, me, me!!! I guess my news is that we got all our lab work back and apparently there is nothing wrong with me?? :) So while we are thrilled that there are no health concerns, it is also difficult to know what to do next. I was definitely happy not to have anything like Lupus, but I did somewhat hope for a nice blood clotting disorder; sweet, simple, easy to fix. We have been given the clear to start trying whenever we are ready but how do you do that? Do you just go for it and play the Russian Baby Roulette? I have a 50% success rate now. Three healthy babies, three losses. So what do we do now? Time will tell I suppose.
For now I am enjoying preparing for Halloween and could I forget?? We added a new member to the family!!! Yep, I am filling the baby void and have added a cat! She is the perfect cat for our family. She was two years old, litter trained, vaccinated, spayed, de-clawed and super friendly (oh and free to boot). I have named her Alice...well, more fully, Alice Cullen Ramsey, The Twilight Cat. Hey, my void, my cat, my name okay?
Well I better run. Apparently the fact that my kids had dinner last night does not mean they don't want to have breakfast this morning??? Okay, this morning is a little general....NOW would be a more appropriate time frame. There you have it, that's what we are up to. I'll try and get pictures up sometime soon.


gloria said...

Love the cat's name! :) And I'm excited to see pictures of your kids Halloween costumes, that is the best part about Fall :) OH and Disney world, THE happiest place on earth, can we come! :)

Jenny Ramsey said...

yes mam you sure may. bear in mind mike has no idea that he's taking me...but he is. :)

Terri said...

Good luck with trying I will have you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Yay for summer being over. I just can't wait for 08 to be over so we can start our "happy" list over again. My plan for this week is to find away to get you home. I have a few ideas! (insert evil cackle)

Rebecca said...

Love the cat! Milkbone did wonders to fill the void while Jordan was gone. He's such a little nut. I hope you find the same with Alice. Miss you and the kids like crazy. This weekend, Jordan's drill was supposed to be when I went visit everyone, but then he had to take the car in the end. :(