Monday, May 5, 2008

The Magnet of Race Tracks

Let me preface this by saying that few people on this Earth hate car racing more than I do. For the following reasons I believe it quite possibly one of the worst examples of money and time wasted...completely wasted:
1. The nature of the activity. We pay money to sit and watch cars go around in a circle......for HOURS!!! The only time we get a break from the sheer monotony is when there is a crash...oh good, we get excited to see someone get into a CAR ACCIDENT! What in the heck is wrong with this picture?? On any other occasion a car wreck would be a disaster, a tragedy but at the races it's entertainment....why? Because even the dumbest people I know would get bored watching these cars go in a circle and nothing else.
2. The alcohol. If you are going to spend all that money and effort getting drunk why not just do it at home? Seriously, people spend money renting RV's and camping gear so that they can drive up and "camp" out in their motor homes....and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Why not rent the RV and drive to Food Lion and then sit in the parking will accomplish the same thing and in half the time, not to mention the fact that you will be one less drunk driver circling the raceway parking lot. Why do you think it takes traffic so long to clear out? It's not the number of's the number of INTOXICATED people trying to operate vehicles that are difficult enough to manuvere sober. Coming from someone who is always sober let me just send a message.....when you are drunk (and I don't care who you are) you are annoying, ridiculous and somewhat frightening to the rest of us. I say this with all the love in the world because I know many a fine person who enjoys the occasional (or more frequent) state of inebriation.....YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME, MONEY AND LIVER...QUIT IT!!!
3. The way I can never escape it. I grew up in the smallest town ever. Seriously, we didn't even have a stop light. We had one or two stop signs but that's about it. We had a little super market that still had dirt floors and a majority of the canned goods expired twenty years ago. The one thing this town did have (of course) is a race track. Three and a half miles from my house there it was. Every Saturday night, while in my bed trying to sleep you could hear it. I finally escaped from that only to move to Richmond, VA and less than 10 miles from the Richmond International Speedway. As a resident of Mechanicsville I am not only subject to the chaos of race weekends (forget going anywhere because all you will find are no parking spaces, as they are all occupied by poorly parked RV's, food shortages, and long lines of people buying my mortgage payments worth of alcohol) I am also subject to the noise from the comfort of my own home. That's right...I can hear that dag-blasted car racing in my's like being twelve again.
There is no escape.


Terri said...

HAAHAA I say the same thing about racing woohoo you watch cars go around in a circle over and over again. No point to it! I have always thought it was stupid.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Remember my dad getting me a job at the Callaway Speedway when I was like 11... yeah it lasted two days till good ol' Whitey Taylor made a move on me. I hated that place.

Kelli said...

I have to admit....I did not even know until recently that these racecar drivers actually go round and round in circles for hours. I never even made the connection that Indy 500 means they have to go 500 miles...around and around and around. I guess I should have known that. I just never put it together because why would anyone in their right mind want to do that and why would anyone in their right mind want to watch that for hours on end? I have no idea.

There is one plus side to race weekend in Mechanicsville - you have your pick of anything you want at the video store.

Anonymous said...

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